Ghost Punting

A man being turned into a ghost.

Ghost Punting
(Lucky Stars #6)

Directed by Sammo Hung, Corey Yuen, Eric Tsang, Ricky Lau
Starring Sammo Hung, Stanley Fung, Richard Ng, Eric Tsang, Charlie Chin

Rating: ******

This movie begins
With our Lucky Stars friends
Bragging that they
All have girlfriends.

This leads them to hurry,
And each try to find
A new girlfriend,
Because they all lied.

We see Charlie Chin,
In his last film released,
Making advances
On his niece.

We see Eric Tsang,
Wearing dark shades.
He pretends to be blind
In the hopes he’ll be laid.

We also see,
Out of the blue,
A man being murdered
By a mean, evil crew.

This man shows up later,
Halfway through,
As a ghost being tortured
By a vampire shrew.

He lives in a castle,
And when the cops get a call,
They send the Stars and some officers
To look for ghosts in the walls.

They rescue the ghost,
And they all think he’s neat,
And they use his abilities
To gamble and cheat,

Charlie Chin’s last performance.

For he can see the cards
That all players hold.
This helps the Stars
Either call, raise or fold.

The ghost can also
Possess people briefly,
Though this ability works best
In the climax, chiefly.

In return for giving them
The advantage in cards,
The ghost asks them to punish
His murder-ars.

Naturally, this leads
To a great big fight,
And the Lucky Stars win
And triumph that night.

This film isn’t bad,
And gives some good fun,
So I’m giving this
A three plus one.

Bruises maketh the man.

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