Directed by Vincent Kok

Starring Jackie Chan, Qi Shu, Tony Chiu-Wai Leung

Rating: ******

Bu spends time with her parents.

In this sweet and touching story,
A young woman named Boo
Is tired of her Taiwanese life
And wishes she were through.

Always the romantic,
She dreams of fun adventures
And one day happenstance arrives
And gives her a new venture

She finds a bottle on the beach
With a name and an address.
She takes the first plane out of there
And packs her nicest dress.

She has her first adventure.

The man who sent The message
Was a fellow in Hong Kong,
A man by the name of Albert,
Who finds it easy to get along.

Albert tells her he sent the message,
But it wasn’t meant for her,
And In all actuality,
The recipient was a sir.

He agrees to let her stay with him
While she soaks in all the sights.
One day on a ship she sees Jackie Chan
And one of his spectacular fights.

She meets Albert.

She rescues him from sogginess
And they get shipwrecked on an isle.
The next day brings some rescuers
Who row in single file.

It’s a sweet and pleasant story
With the perfect balanced mix
Of comedy and action
And Jackie’s acrobatic tricks.

Qi Shu plays Bu
And does a terrific job.
Her Performance leaves you wanting more,
But we don’t leave feeling robbed.

And saves Jackie Chan.

Bradley jeans Allan
Is the newcomer on the scene.
He was the first white man
To join the Jackie Chan stunt team.

He flips and rolls and turns and twists,
Keeping Pace with Jackie Chan.
His brilliant manoeuvres
Make us instant fans.

Emil Chau plays Jackie’s rival,
Whom he’d known for many years.
They’re always in competition,
Halting success from getting near.

…who faces off with Brad Allan.

This movie’s great, so it gets six stars.
If you see it try to see it uncut.
The English version removes a lot,
But it still shines through the cut.

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