Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2

Guardians Of The Galaxy vol 2


Directed by James Gunn

Starring Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista, Vin Diesel, Bradley Cooper

Rating: ******

Star Lord flies his ship.

The Guardians land on a planet,
And battle a monster as they’d planned it,
All to save some batteries
From being eaten by a monstrosity.

The people who paid them are coloured gold,
Wealthy and snobbish, and their genetic code
Was preordained since before their birth,
Quite unlike the folks here on Earth.

Unbeknownst to all, Rocket Raccoon
Had snuck some batteries into his room,
Batteries he’d stolen from their former employer,
Who decides to forego calling a lawyer.

Instead, they send out a hundred ships
To blast them all into tiny bits.
Fortunately, the quints are saved
By a man waving to them in Space.

This man turns out to be Star Lord’s dad,
And he has a whole planet for a landing pad,
A planet he built over a million years,
A planet that energizes him year after year.

Rocket gets some exercise.

It turns out Star Lord is a Celestial,
Not bad for plain Earth boy Peter Quill.
This means he can never die of old age,
And he has powers he can only use in his cage.

Groot, now a baby, an offshoot, really,
Is with Rocket Raccoon all willy nilly.
Separated from their tribe,
They’re forced to fix their ship and hide,

But they’re surrounded by scavengers,
Who try to do the duo some hurt.
Rocket fights back but he gets nabbed
By a man named Yondu…Peter’s dad?

This blue-skinned man once got his fill
Of threatening young Peter Quill.
He abducted him from his home world
And raised him to steal from other worlds,

So he gets to capture Rocket and Groot,
But discovers an addition to their crew.
Gamora’s sister, Nebula, her kin,
Shoots of Yondu’s weapon that he calls a fin.

Without his weapon, Yondu gets taken
By his own men: he’d been forsaken.
Meanwhile, on Peter’s father’s place
The team meets an empath face-to-face.

Yondu takes the perfect selfie.

Her name is Mantis, and she’s insect-like,
Connecting with antennae instead of with Skype.
She smiles and laughs, but she harbours
A deep dark secret from way over larboard.

This movie is funny, light and cute,
With some interesting artistic choices to boot.
I’m rating this movie a five out of six.
It will certainly give you your laughter fix.

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