Happy New Year!!!

2020 made a stand
For Jason Statham and Jackie Chan.
The Star Wars movies were gone through,
And the Planet of the Apes films got worked on, too.

We started publishing anthologies
On Amazon Kindle, so you see
That you can put ArticlesInRhyme into your backpack
And read us on a Kindle or in paperback.
We’ve six books so far, but in the New Year
Expect to see a few more, my dear.
These include Star Wars and Planet of the Apes,
And our Best of ArticlesInRhyme 2020. That’s great!
We’ll also mention, when it’s time,
Two Jackie Chan books that are turning out just fine.

We published our first Home Video review
Of The Puppetoon Movie Volume 2,
And in the future, who knows what we’ll see,
But without you, Dear Readers, what would this site be?

Happy New Year from ArticlesInRhyme!!!

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