Hardcore Henry

Hardcore Henry

Directed by Ilya Naishuller
Starring Sharlto Copley, Haley Bennett, Danila Kozlovsky, and many skilled stunt performers.

Rating: ******

This is the first movie
That I have seen
In which the main character
Was me.

Henry’s wife.

I know this sounds strange,
But please hear me out.
My amazing adventures
Are what this film’s about.

They don’t call me by name, though.
They call me Henry instead,
And what I see must surely come
From the eyes in my head.

Henry falls.

All interacting characters
Look right at my face,
And when I move
I can feel myself moving through space.

Hardcore Henry
Is the first of its kind.
It’s the first action movie
That’s in first person, real-time.

Henry sneaks around.

It was filmed with a camera
Used mostly for sports.
It’s used for activities
Of varying sorts.

The GoPro can film a man
Skiing downhill,
Or riding on horseback,
Or skydiving, as he will.

Sharlto Copley

It fits on the front
Of a safety helmet
And records a man’s forward
Momentum a bit.

What kind of new film
Can you make with great care
With a camera that can
Be used anywhere?

Henry goes “Whee!”

This film has a plot
Which I’d rather not spill,
For this film’s an adventure,
The best kind of a thrill.

Henry (you)
Has a case of amnesia.
He’s a cyborg of sorts,
Trying quite hard to please ya.

Something’s about to go Boom.

We see him get chased,
And we see him fight back.
We see him fall from a plane
Without so much as a pack.

We see him firing weapons
And taking great falls.
We see hand-to-hand, tumbling
And crashing through walls.

I’ve got this.

We see Sharlto Copley
In multiple roles.
He brings in some humour
And gets riddled with holes.

He’s the character
Who gives Henry direction.
He gives him good intel
And a helpful inspection.

A fight ensues.

He tells him why
The bad guys keep coming,
And the name of the villain
For whom he’ll be coming.

It’s an action-packed
Adrenaline rush
Mimicking first-person shooters
With its own unique punch.

Presented in a way
I had not seen before,
A five out of six
Is my personal score.

Henry’s arm.

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