Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets


Directed by Chris Columbus

Starring Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson, Richard Griffiths

Rating: ******

Meet Dobby, an unwelcome house guest.

Harry spends his summer back at home
With his relatives, the Dursleys.
They treat him marginally better,
But he still has to live with the Dursleys.

They make him stay upstairs in his room
While his uncle’s boss comes to dinner.
A house elf appears in Harry’s room
And spoils the Dursley’s dinner.

Infuriated, his uncle locks him up,
Installing bars on his bedroom windows.
His good friend Ron comes to rescue him
In a car, that to the windows, rose.

Yanking the bars right out of the wall,
They take Harry away to their home,
A quaint place out in the country,
Secluded and rather alone.

Here he meets more of the family
And sees the father for the first time.
It was he who had enchanted the flying car,
Though in so doing committed a crime.

They take him to Diagon Alley,
Where they get their supplies for school.
Harry meets his new teacher,
A famous man, charming and cool.

Harry looks intense.

He also gets to meet Malfoy’s dad,
A long-haired man named Lucious.
He states that the less magical should not go to school,
Because he is one of the choosiest.

Ron’s father works for this man,
And they both say they’ll meet later at work.
They travel to the train station,
But the magical wall will not work.

Thus, Harry and Ron are stuck at the station,
Missing the Hogwart’s express,
So Ron gets the idea to borrow the car
And they fly into the sky with success.

Unbeknownst to the boys at the time,
The house elf is causing them problems.
He had already warned Harry not to return to the school,
And their persistence is really on them.

Dobby is the house elf’s name,
And he’s a friend to Harry Potter,
Though his master is a mean old man
Who doesn’t treat him like he oughter.

In his attempts to keep Harry from school,
He’s trying to save Harry’s life,
But Harry’s determined to return to the school,
Because school’s the place that he likes.

Hermione expresses doubt.

That’s a good intro to an interesting tale,
The second from the Harry Potter books.
It’s as well written as its predecessor,
And I recommend that you give it a look.

I’m rating this movie a five out of six.
It’s more than worth a watch.
It has wonder, suspense and merriment,
And the action has risen a notch.

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