Directed by Henry Koster

Starring James Stewart, Wallace Ford, William H. Lynn, Victoria Horne, Peggy Dow

Rating: ******

Jimmy Stewart and Harvey visit a bar.

Jimmy Stewart plays a man,
A calm and easy-going man,
A rich and alcoholic man
Who’s friends with an invisible rabbit.

His relatives, quite tired of him,
Drive him to the Looney Bin,
Where he can stay with his friend through thick and thin
As always is his habit.

But things go wrong at the layaway
When they quickly lock the aunt away
And shake his hand and bid good day,
So off he goes to the bar.

His aunt tries to have him committed.

When the aunt gets out, she’s furious,
And wants to sue for damages injurious,
And tells her lawyer curious
What happened when she got out of the car.

It’s quite the mix-up, as you can tell.
You’ll imagine things weren’t going too well,
But in the end everything turns out swell.
The plot was certainly full of neat tricks.

This is a fun little comedy,
Which never took itself too seriously.
It has lasted quite endearingly,
So it gets a five out of six.

Peggy Dow as a nurse.

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