How To Meet The Lucky Stars

How To Meet The Lucky Stars
(Lucky Stars #7)

Directed by Frankie Chan
Starring Sammo Hung, Stanely Fung, Richard Ng, Eric Tsang
Rating: ******

The Lucky Stars films
Had an interesting run.
They were never too serious
And tried to be fun.

Some of the cast,
No matter how big,
Left the series to work on
A quite different gig.

This last film,
As if diluted with thinners,
Is like the palest replica
Of Winners And Sinners.

Some of the cast still
Remains, it is true,
But the enjoyment has gone down
A notch or two.

The gags aren’t as clever,
The jokes not as sharp,
But for this last get-together,
I should praise and not harp.

Stanely Fung, Richard Ng
And Erig Tsang
Are what’s left of the original
Lucky Stars Gang.

Sammo Hung has a small part,
And plays a small thief,
Who is actually an agent
For the police.

The three remaining Lucky Stars.

Stanley gets robbed
And the gang gets roped in
To aid the police
On their fanciful whim.

They’re expertly trained,
These shady ramblers,
So that they can take on
The Queen of all Gamblers.

They practice at cards
For many days
Until they rare ready
For the Day Of All Days.

The Queen of the Gamblers

The Gambling Queen
Is a robber for riches.
She’s also a murderess,
And throws people in ditches.

She drove a poor gambler
To secure his own end,
So his daughter vows
To get her revenge.

The daughter teams up
With the cops and the Stars,
And they go off to gamble
In luxurious cars.

They each take their turns
But are soon whittled down
To Stanley Fung and the daughter
And the Queen with no crown.

They eventually beat her,
And get in a brawl,
Since the Queen of the Gamblers
Won’t give up at all.

This movie is perhaps
The weakest of the seven,
So I’ll give it a thirteen
Minus eleven.

Rest in Peace, Lucky Stars series.

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