In The Line of Duty IV

In The Line of Duty IV


Directed by Woo-Ping Yuen

Starring Cynthia Khan, Donnie Yen, Michael Wong, Yat Chor Yuen

Rating: ******

Cynthia Khan as the lady cop.

In 1989,
A very young Donnie Yen,
Speedy and athletic,
With a mop of hair back then,

Played an American cop,
Forced to cooperate
With a female Chinese cop
While working together on a case.

The case involved a drug deal
Involving the CIA.
Some photographs were taken,
But the negatives got away.

A new US citizen
Was working at the dock.
The villains think he has the film
And try to change his luck.

Yat Chor Yuen plays the suspect.

They attack him, someone dies,
And the cops catch him with the gun.
They bring him to the station
To interrogate him some,

But one of the policemen
Beats him like a drum.
The young man really has no choice
But to knock him out and run.

He manages to flee
The whole United States,
With Donnie and a lady cop
Following him to a new place.

They find themselves in Hong Kong,
The place of the suspect’s birth.
The police are waiting for him,
Because they got there first.

The young man tries to flee,
But they nab him anyway.
They put him in a wagon
And begin to drive away,

A young Donnie Yen as an unbeatable cop.

But are attacked by many bad guys,
And captured pretty quickly.
No longer will you find him
In police custody.

This movie keeps on going,
With a fairly stable plot,
But this movie’s full of action.
With excitement it is fraught.

The man who plays the suspect
Does all of his own stunts.
He’s a very able stuntman
Well versed in the martial arts.

Donnie and the lady cop
Are no slouches themselves.
Strong and quite agile,
They can take care of themselves.

I give this film a five out of six.
It’s good until the end.
I thoroughly enjoyed the action,
And in seeing a young Donnie Yen.

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