John Rambo (Rambo IV)

Rambo IV


Directed by Sylvester Stallone

Starring Sylvester Stallone, Julie Benz, Matthew Marsden

Rating: ******

An older Rambo before he springs into action.

Rambo’s 4th installment
Has several different names–
Rambo John Rambo Rambo IV–
And it has a different aim.

Rambo’s still in Thailand,
Catching snakes with his bare hands,
When some Liberal protesters
Come and tell him of their plans.

“We want to go to Burma,
And we want to make a change.
The government will listen,
For we have good vocal range.”

Sorry, people. This is about the only screencap I can give you that’s Safe For Work.

“What weapons are you taking?”
Rambo has to ask.
“We’re not bringing weapons!”
Then you’ll change nothin’ with your task!”

They look at him like he’s Conan,
The barbarian from times long past,
But they need a ride to Burma,
So they very nicely ask.

“No way,” says Mr. Rambo,
Who has been to Hell and back.
Even he won’t go to Burma,
Where he knows he’ll be attacked.

(Yes, this movie really is that bloody.)

“Please,” a pretty woman asks.
“It would really mean a lot.”
“Well, sure,” replied John Rambo.
“Come, hop aboard my yacht.”

So the fools go to Burma,
And the fools all get captured.
Some seasoned mercs are sent along
To bring them back enraptured.

Now what’s going on in Burma
Is never quite explained.
Instead, we’re shown soldiers doing things
For which they’re never blamed.

I lied. I found another one.

We see the Burmese soldiers
Slaughtering unarmed people
–Women, men, and children–
Using methods disagreeable.

But we’re never once told why.
Why is all this happening?
Who are these soldiers killing?
What is actually happening?

Sadly, we’re forced to look it up,
Once these grizzly images go away,
Which might very well be never.
We see innocents blown away

When Julie Benz was finished with this movie, she ran right back into her loving Dexter’s arms.

For a good half of the movie,
In violent, graphic ways.
The tone is dark, unpleasant.
We’ll be feeling it for days.

There’s no rooting for Rambo in this one.
We almost forget he’s here,
Till he shows up somewhere near the end
It makes the Burmese disappear.

We see the most shocking amount of bloodshed
They could fit into a film,
And Stallone did this on purpose,
For he directed the film.

If you think this post is bad for screenshots, just wait till I review Cannibal Holocaust.

He said he wanted realism,
And I guess that’s what we got,
But we lost a lot of enjoyment
In his quest for food for thought.

It’s a good movie, well directed,
And it’s filled with blood and gore,
But it’s quite unlike the previous three.
Out of six, this gets a four.

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