Kinjite: Forbidden Subjects

Charles Bronson violates a man’s rights.

Kinjite: Forbidden Subjects

Directed by J. Lee Thompson
Starring Charles Bronson

Rating: ******

Don’t you ever, ever, ever, ever
Mess with Charles Bronson.
If he lets you live, he’ll hurt you worse
Than Jerimiah Johnson.

The “good” guy?

The lowlife scum that plague this world
Always learn too late
That making Mr. Bronson mad
Will solidify their fate.

He’s a cop this time around,
Looking into cases
Of sex trafficking on U.S. soil
–In L.A., of all places.

There’s a certain bottom-feeding puke
On whom he’s had his eye.
If he’d known the half of what he’d done
He would have nailed the guy,

The bad guy.

But this guy is so slippery,
He can never prove a thing,
So the scumbag gets away with
His prostitution ring.

He approaches teenage girls
And delivers his perfected pitch.
Then he turns them into slaves
And rents them to the rich.

One man’s daughter that he takes
Is a product of Japan.
The person that he takes her from
Is a successful businessman.

The Japanese guy.

The businessman’s a main character,
With his own story arc.
He brings his family to America,
But discovers it’s no park.

Half this movie is a contrast
Of two conflicting cultures.
We see the Japanese and Yankees
Trying to figure out each other.

The other half’s a police drama
Led by a hardworking ace.
We see Bronson try his best
To quickly solve this case.

Charlie teaching a man punctuality.

The evil man he tries to stop
Is a mean and violent killer.
He guns down people, even cops,
Making holes like he’s a driller.

Bronson isn’t scared of him.
He’s patient and he waits.
He knows he’ll get him in the end,
Even if he gets him late.

They eventually come to a standoff,
And Bronson’s partner meets his end.
The baddie is drowning in the ocean.
So, is this…the end?


Charles Bronson pulls him out,
For reasons we can’t yet fathom.,
And exacts on him a revenge to sweet,
We cheer him on like he’s Jason Statham.

I won’t spoil the details, but Mr. Bronson
Grins like the Cheshire Cat,
As he sees the fury on his enemy’s face,
And then leaves him to experience that.

It’s one of the greatest endings
In the history of film.
It’s also one you’ll never see
On any telefilm.

It will leave you smiling all day long,
Even if your life plays like a farce.
Thus, the film has more than earned
Its four out of six stars.

Sweet, sweet revenge.

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