Learn To Code in C# in Unity 3D

This is Part 3 of my eleven-part review of the course Devslopes 3D Game Development Academy.

Learn To Code in C# in Unity 3D

Course Company: Devslopes
Instructor: Mark Price

Rating: ******

You will see, as you start on this road
That the first thing you’ll do is learn to code.
Though JavaScript is a major part,
Devslopes teaches you to learn C#.
The two languages are similar in any case,
So take your time. This isn’t a race.

You might find this part a little dry,
Or confusing as you’re winging it on the fly
But when you code later on in games that you’ll build,
You’ll be practiced and polished and knowledgeable and skilled.
The functions and methods in Unity 3D
Will improve your game functionally.

Mark Price teaches us how to code.

You’ll be seeing syntax galore,
So, if you’ve coded before,
You’ll see familiar commands,
Like IF, OR and AND,
How variables are used,
And numbers and loops,
Conditionals, arrays
You can use every day,
And how to use objects,
Like Unity GameObjects;
And inheritance.
(Passing variables ‘tween scripts).

Coding in C#.

If this sounds like a lot, it’s not really.
You’ll need to know this—I mean really.
Just go through one time
And you’ll probably be fine.
For instructor Mark Price, he
Explains things quite nicely,
And takes pains to be clear,
So there’s no need to fear.

This, by far, this whole section
Is the least engaging of these lessons,
More abstract, but sorely needed,
Yet thankfully brief so you can heed it.
It’s getting a four out of six from me.
The best is yet to come. Trust me.

If you understand the code, you can accomplish great things.

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