Legend of Devslopes Fantasy Game In Unity 3D

This is Part 6 of my eleven-part review of the course Devslopes 3D Game Development Academy.

Legend of Devslopes Fantasy Game In Unity 3D

Course Company: Devslopes
Instructor: JonnyB

Rating: ******

What are we making this time?
It’s a 3D game that looks fine.
We make characters waddle
With complex models,
And we’ll make them move in a line.

This time, JonnyB is our instructor.

It appears that today’s our aim
To make our first fighting game.
We’ll give it a whirl
With a barbarian girl
Made by BitGem, as our prof will explain.

Our teacher this time’s JonnyB.
He has quite the affinity
For making simplistic
Touch concepts realistic,
While using Unity 3D.

The map and character models are all in 3D.

We import the assets we need,
And we’re given a map as a lead,
And with infinite patience
We make alterations
Till it’s quite the arena, indeed.

With that big step out of the way,
We bring out the character models this day.
There’s a warrior miss
With a sword in each fist
And three thugs that will get in her way.

We’ll even be adding cool particle effects.

Her enemies include an orc.
He carries a sword, not a fork.
The soldier’s a bowman,
His skills a good omen,
Since he’s able to take down a stork.

The third enemy doesn’t stammer
When he attacks with his two heavy hammers.
Large and defiant,
He’s a sizeable giant
Who would be right at home in the slammer.

We have fun playing around with our hero.

We add onto these models some extras.
Onto each material a texture.
The shader we use
Is Mobile Diffuse.
Appearance is a paramount fixture.

The models have few limitations
And come with their own animations,
Though we naturally need
To time and label these
For future useful demonstration.

We import the map, sans materials or textures.

The animations we use for a fact
Are Idle, Walking and Attack,
And for injuries high,
We use Hurt and Die,
And our Hero has two different attacks.

So the creatures don’t fall through the land,
We put colliders on that which they stand,
And so they don’t fall and die,
Clear walls on the sides,
As if stopped by an invisible hand.

We make the map prettier.

So the hero can get into her groove,
She is given two ways to move.
She travels with ease
With the directional keys,
And the mouse makes her look towards you.

They all get a Rigidbody
So that we can move them, you see.
They’ll attack and they’ll spawn
From night until dawn,
Or from now to eternity.

We add walls so our hero can’t fall off the map.

We will add health and UI,
And blood when a hit lands—oh, my.
Our hero fights back
Against arrow attacks,
And hammers and swords also try.

When we’re finished the game looks like so:
We see a title and press a Play button to go.
The first level, it seems,
Has just one enemy,
And they increase by one as you go.

We get to see our characters.

This was a well-taught and well-explained lesson.
Not for long does our prof keep us guessin’.
Though it gave me some kicks,
It gets a five out of six,
‘Twas an adventure in which I loved to be messin’.

We create an animated intro.

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