Lock Up

Stallone in a minimum-security prison for a change.

This is Part 2 of my ongoing reviews of movies featuring Sylvester Stallone Getting Framed and Sent To Prison.

Lock Up


Directed by John Flynn
Starring Sylvester Stallone, Donald Sutherland, John Amos, Sonny Landham

Rating: ******

The minimum security prison’s high-tech security.

Here’s a film you might be missin’
About Stallone going to prison.
The Warden’s evil, there’s little doubt,
And he’s forced to break himself right out.
Have I spoiled this plot, then,
Or those of Judge Dredd and Demolition Man?
Or Escape Plan, First Blood–the first Rambo bash–
Or am I describing Tango & Cash?

Stallone being framed.

An imprisoned Stallone is forced to survive
Behind steel bars in the unholy hive
Of villainy from the guards and the cons,
And the evil Warden and maybe his sons.

The Warden has it in for Sly,
Who has been amicably serving his time
In a minimum-security prison,
After having ratted on the warden within.

Donald Sutherland as the evil warden.

In retribution the Warden railed
And put Stallone in his brand new jail,
Maximum-security of course.
Now Sly’s life was about to get worse.

Sly finds out on his first day there
That some of the inmates belong there.
They weren’t all framed like poor Stallone,
A man who tries to be left alone,
But there is no place he has permission to stand,
So he’s told by some convicts near at hand.

The cons eye Stallone.

Later as he tries to eat,
He asks a man to use his feet
To trip a man who’s passing by.
He doesn’t and that man dies.
The warden controls the evil cons
And gives Sly trouble by the tons,
And hurts his friends just to be mean..
… Surely he’s never seen Stallone onscreen.

True to form, Stallone breaks out
And proves his innocence beyond a doubt
Emerging victorious in this tale
While the evil Warden’s sent to jail.

Stallone gets his revenge on the warden.

I like this film. Though not his best,
It puts his acting to the test,
And his Underdog comes out on top.
I give a four out of six to Lock Up.

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