Madea Goes To Jail

Madea Goes To Jail


Directed by Tyler Perry

Starring Tyler Perry, Keshia Knight Pulliam, Derek Luke, David Mann

Rating: ******

The easy judge, who always lets Madea off.

Another grand adventure
In the Madea films
Has the titular Madea
Seeing her local judge at home.

She was being brought up on charges,
Petty as can be,
But the plaintiff showed her past charges
For all the world to see.

The strong woman named Madea,
Who always speaks her mind,
Has through her entire life
Been accused of committing crimes.

Despite her many past aggresions,
Her Honour lets her off.
She goes home and sees her house
And gets thoroughly pissed off.

Madea in jail.

You see, another person living there,
A relative named Joe,
Decided that the day she wasn’t coming back,
So a big party he decided to throw,

But it seems Madea did come back,
And the house belongs to her,
So she readied her assault rifle
And she made her point, for sure.

She’s brought before the judge again
And is once again let off.
She’s used to leave system by now,
And calmly shrugs and scoffs.

Like previous Madea movies, however,
The story doesn’t focus on her.
It’s a small part of a larger tale
Involving a male lawyer.

This lawyer is happily engaged
To another lawyer in his firm.
They’re the prosecution,
And they’re there for the long-term.

They’re trying to send a hooker
To jail where they’re sure she belongs,
But the man recognizes his girl,
And he tries to right this wrong.

For a man so happy engaged,
He’s spending too much time
Trying to help this hooker out
So she won’t be convicted of crimes.

His fiancée isn’t thrilled with this,
And decides to trump up charges,
So the judge will give her seventeen years
And her man will still find her gorgeous.

The poor, unhappy prostitute.

She does the same to Madea,
Who finally goes to jail.
She bonds with the hooker and other folks
Who don’t get to leave on bail.

There’s more to the story but that’s all I’ll say,
Except that it’s worth checking out.
I’m giving this movie of five out of six.
Madea definitely wins out.

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