Madea’s Family Reunion

Madea’s Family Reunion


Directed by Tyler Perry

Starring Tyler Perry, Blair Underwood, Lynn Whitfield, Boris Kodjoe

Rating: ******

A woman and her fiancée.

Like previous Madea films,
Several plots take place,
And later blend together
While still existing in their own space.

A woman is engaged
To a successful man,
Who seems charming, rich and sensitive,
And appears as the perfect man,

But behind closed doors he beats her,
Till she cannot stand more beats,
And moves into Madea’s house,
A nice and safe retreat.

The first we see of Madea,
She’s back before a Justice of the Peace
And she’s lying her head off about her own
Contributions for the youth on the streets.

This gives the judge an idea,
An idea that’s like no other.
She points out a troubled youth
And makes Madea her foster mother.

The first woman’s sister.

Madea reluctantly accepts
And brings the child to her home.
This teenage girl is about to learn
To speak with a politer tone.

So the two begin to get along,
And the kid fades into the back,
And it’s true that she isn’t really
Mentioned much after that.

The woman who gets beaten
Has a sister who doesn’t get hit.
She meets a charming gentleman
And they like each other a bit,

But this sister has a secret,
That is linked back to their mother.
We see some interesting twists and turns
As we learn more about their mother.

While all of this is going on,
Madea’s planning at her house
A big family reunion,
And she hopes her guests won’t be uncouth.

Several generations
Show up on Madea’s lawn.
Some relatives are sociable
And some don’t get along.

It’s here that the film
Suddenly begins to preach.
It slows the momentum down a tad,
As the Matriarch makes a speech.

Madea spreads her charm.

It’s not the best Madea film,
But it still has its moments.
I like the focus on family,
And it treats decency like a good omen.

I’m giving this comedy a four.
Although the drama is okay,
This film had more potential,
And had meat enough to stay.

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