Man of Steel

Man of Steel

Directed by Zack Snyder

Starring Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Michael Shannon
Rating: ******

General Zod, the best character in the movie.
On the planet Krypton,
Russell Crowe
Battles an evil

While the whole planet
Gets hit with the green
Which wreak havoc onscreen.

The evil General,
General Zod,
Leaves with his lieutenants
To go off and play God.

Is sent away
To become Superman
One day.

He lands on Earth
And works on his bod
While the world waits
For General Zod.
By the time he’s arrived,
Superman’s ready
To turn the Kryptonians
Into confetti.

This is a humourless film
With too much CGI,
Poorly paced,
And we don’t like these guys.

We might like Superman,
But the actors onscreen
Are completely unlikable,
The more they are seen.

None of the feistiness
Of Lois Lane
Shows through at all.
She’s made to look plain.

Superman, himself,
Has been deprived
Of all personality,
Which just took a dive.
Clark considers the name Aquaman…or maybe Namor.
The only interesting character
Is General Zod,
Who tries to rule over Earth
As if he is a God.

There’s a scene I despise,
In which a reckless fight
Between Zod and Superman,
While they’re in flight,

Smash through buildings
In a busy city,
Causing countless human

The real Supes
Would not have allowed
Such a fight to take place
On inhabited ground,

At least not on the way
This fight transpired.
His sense of responsibility,
For which he is admired

Would have given him an
Solution to

This film wasn’t that good.
I’ll give it a four.
It was popcorn filler,
Nothing more.
Lois Lane with a rare smile, at least in this film.

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