AKA Mr. Canton and Lady Rose
AKA The Canton Godfather
AKA Big Brother

Directed by Jackie Chan

Starring Jackie Chan, Anita Mui, Ah-Lei Gua, Bill Tung, Richard Ng, Maggie Cheung

Rating: ******

Bill Tung, a resourceful conman.

Jackie Chan is very famous
For making action films,
And nearly just as famous
For his martial arts films.

So, in the late 1980s,
Some Hong Kong movie critic
Said that Chan could only make films
That would need an on-site medic.

Jackie Chan resented this
And in retaliation,
He resurrected an old film
Made in the US nation.

Jackie Chan, new to Hong Kong.

Well established Frank Capra,
In 1935,
Made a film called Lady for a Day,
And later in his life

Remade it is Pocketful of Miracles,
In 1961.
Jackie must have liked the story
And so he chose this one.

He made himself a drama,
Which is quite a change of scene,
And he naturally included
Some remarkable action scenes.

An old mob boss.

Jackie Chan plays a man
Who immigrates to Hong Kong.
On his first day there he becomes
A real power in Hong Kong.

He tries to help a gangster boss
And somehow gets his job.
Then he tries to teach his bosses
Not to steal, pimp or rob.

He builds a ritzy nightclub
To bring the money in,
Falling for a pretty singer
Who’s heart he tries to win.

Wu Ma in a more serious role as the right-hand man of the reigning mob boss.

He credits all his luck in life
To the purchasing of roses
Sold to him each day by an old lady
With a basket full of roses.

The old woman is rather poor,
But somewhere overseas,
She has a grown-up daughter,
To whom she pretends to be wealthy.

She sends her money she has earned,
And is joyful and dismayed
By a letter stating that her girl
Will be visiting soon one day.

Jackie Chan, the new mob boss.

Her daughter is getting married
To an important foreign man.
If he finds out her mother is poor,
He might cancel their wedding plans.

Now the mother is in a quandary,
And one morning stays in bed.
Jackie visits her at her home
And sees that tears have been shed.

Feeling sorry, he gathers his goons
To help make-believe she’s rich.
That’s all I’ll spoil of the plot,
As they attempt this miraculous switch.

Jackie falls in love with a singer.

Like many Jackie Chan releases,
The American release of Miracles
It’s missing quite a bit of stuff,
Some of it quite hysterical.

To comedic characters
Help bring this film to life.
They were excluded from the US release,
Cut from the film with a knife.

One of these men was a con man
Played by weaselly Bill Tung.
The other was a police chief,
As only Richard Ng could play one.

Madam Rose is distraught.

They played off one-another
It’s such a heartfelt way,
Their presence was still felt
Long after they’d gone away.

Their removal from the movie
Left it feeling rather dull.
It’s really quite unfortunate
That we were left with a giant lull.

As I must recommend for every film
Starring Jackie Chan,
Try to watch it full and complete
If it all you can,

Richard Ng, as a policeman.

For so many of his films are butchered,
And it really is a crime,
But seeing them again complete
Is like seeing them for the first time.

I’ll give this film a four out of six.
It’s a different film for Jackie,
But parts of it will truly amaze,
And other parts are wacky.

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