Murder By Death

Murder By Death


Directed by Robert Moore
Starring Peter Sellers, Peter Falk, David Niven, Alec Guinness, James Coco, Truman Capote, Elsa Lanchester

Rating: ******

An old blind butler licks some stamps,
Affixing them all to the desk,
For he has missed the envelopes,
All sealed and addressed.

Bensonmum prepares the letters.

Nonetheless, they make their way
To nine eccentric dicks.
The invitations found within
Direct them to a mansion in the sticks.

The nine people invited
Have their lives put into books,
And film, and also theatre,
Where they always get their crooks.

Peter Sellers as Mr. Sidney Wong.

They are parodies of the fictional
Detective men and misses
Widely known at the time
In the mystery solving business.

Peter Sellers plays Sidney Wong,
A great take on Charlie Chan,
Spoofing the imitable Sidney Toler,
With an adopted son as his right-hand man.

Milo Perrier

David Niven plays Dick Charles,
A spoof of his role in the Thin Man films.
His partner, now named Dora,
Helps him out throughout the film.

James Coco plays Milo Perrier,
A spoof on Hercule Poirot.
He’s accompanied by his manservant
Wherever he’s to go.

Peter Falk as Sam Diamond.

Elsa Lanchester plays Jessica Marbles,
Who brought along her nurse.
She’s spoofing Mrs. Marple,
Though their ages are reversed.

Lastly, there’s Sam Diamond,
As played by Peter Falk.
Like Sam Spade, he has a pretty girl
With whom he likes to talk.

Dick and Dora Charles.

Alec Guinness plays the butler,
A man named Bensonmum.
He serves his guests invisible soup,
For the chef is deaf and dumb.

Truman Capote plays a man
By the name of Lionel Twain.
He invited these great detectives
To his house to play a game.

The deaf maid.

The game is this: at the strike of twelve,
One of them would perish.
He who solved the mystery,
Would get enough for a trip to Paris.

A man dies and the game is on!
Who will be the winner?
Ten hungry guests all search for clues.
The adventure is their dinner.

Jessica Marbles with her maid.

Four of these people are smart-alec types,
Their egos filled with pride.
They keep showing off how smart they are,
That their rep is bonafide.

This causes these four people
To step on each-other’s toes,
Till they make each other angry,
Becoming bitter foes.

They play off each other very well,
In silliness and fun,
So, from me this movie gets
A two plus three plus one.

Mr. Lionel Twain.

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