My Lucky Stars

Jackie Chan

My Lucky Stars
(Lucky Stars #2)

Directed by Sammo Hung
Starring Sammo Hung, Jackie Chan, Richard Ng, Yuen Biao, Stanley Fung, Eric Tsang, Charlie Chin

Rating: ******

Yuen Biao

This film is a sequel
To Winners and Sinners.
We see the Three Brothers
Move like fidget spinners.

The story and characters
Have all been changed,
But the gang is just as silly,
And a few just as deranged.

Jackie Chan and Yuen Biao
Play partners on the force.
They’re forced to fight with ninjas,
Who are all dressed up, of course.

Yuen Biao is kidnapped
And Jackie asks for help
From his old orphanage buddy,
Whom he knew when just a whelp.

Sammo Hung

His buddy is in jail,
And Jackie put him there.
He’s an outgoing, seasoned small-time thief,
Played by Sammo Hung, with flair.

Sammo will not speak with him,
But his ears perk up a tad
When he offers to get him released from prison.
Then maybe he wouldn’t be as mad.

Charlie Chin

Sammo will only do it
If he also gathers his team,
Saying they can accomplish many things
Most mere mortals cannot dream.

Many of his team are crooks,
But they manage to collect them.
All are loyal to Sammo Hung,
A man who won’t forget them.

Stanley Fung

They’re quirky, odd, eccentric types
Who contribute to the fun,
For if there’s one thing this movie has,
It’s comedy by the ton.

I can reveal the entire plot
And it won’t matter a bit,
Since the entire film is filled with gags,
A reason why it became a hit.

Richard Ng

It’s also filled with action scenes,
Especially near the end,
When they go up against the ninjas,
And the Three Brothers flip and bend.

Jackie and Yuen Biao
Aren’t in this movie much,
Till we approach the great third act,
And feel their magic touch.

Eric Tsang

They do things we all wish we could,
But try not to outshine
The motley crew of jackanapes
Who make us laugh each time.

Some of them return from Winners,
And a few of them are new.
In the coming sequels you will see
This trend will continue.

I gave the last film a perfect score,
And this isn’t quite as good,
But it does its job and entertains,
So I’ll award it like I should.

Sammo, ready for battle.

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