New Police Story

New Police Story


Directed by Benny Chan

Starring Jackie Chan, Nicholas Tse, Charlie Yeung

Rating: ******

Rich bad guys are playing deadly games.

Young spoiled men,
Brats, the lot,
Along with one woman,
A good girl she’s not,

Decide to play
The ultimate game.
They will commit murders
For points and fame.

They would kill anyone,
It didn’t matter,
Even policemen,
To make them score better.

Jackie, a cop,
Says in the news
That within three hours
These punks will lose.

Though they can’t identify them
Too fast,
Due to the fact that they
Always wear masks,

He’s confident
That he’ll put them in jail.
Too confident?
Well, they don’t go to jail.

Policeman Jackie Chan tries to stop them.

He enters a building.
They capture his men
And they kill them all
In front of him.

They make him a nervous
Basket case.
He turns to drink
And can’t see his own face.

A few years later,
A good young man
Tries to help him
As best he can.

He tries to get him
To stop boozing
So ultimately
He’ll stop losing.

Jackie is
Reluctant at first,
Then changes his mind
Before he gets worse.

His new friend tells him
That the young gang
Is still going strong
Playing their game.

They think up ways
To stop them with force,
Of course.

This movie has action
And suspense.
The fights are well done,
The premise immense.

An excellent story
With direction to match,
New Police Story
Is a cinematic catch.

A good Samaritan comes to help.

It’s the best film he made
In the early 2000s.
If you encounter it,
You’ll be glad that you found it.

I’m giving this film
A five point four.
It’s worth a five
And a little bit more.

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