May 15 2017

There was an old woman from Halmark
Who decided to shop at a Walmart.
She chose fifty items
But chose not to buy them
And left all that stuff in her cart.

May 17 2017

There was a young Gungan named Jar Jar.
Who came out of the pages of Star Wars.
He slipped and he flopped.
And he drooled and slopped.
And made folks wish that he were an aardvark.

May 24 2017

There was a young captain named Kirk.
Who would sit in his command chair and smirk.
Like Nikolai Volkoff
He’d fight with his shirt off.
Each time his great strategies worked.

June 1 2017

Alone and afraid I was sitting,
Trembling and ruining my knitting,
For the day would be reset
Right back to its preset
And I’d have to start at the beginning.

June 7 2017

The fools in this world are many.
Some coarse, and some family-friendly.
Despite some fine stock
Most are dumb as a rock.
I wish that there weren’t really any.

June 15 2017

The writing of poems can be hard.
Was it an easy task for the Bard?
He’s certainly famous
Like Andy and Amos.
His rhythm is his calling card.

June 22 2017

While I was walking I passed
The Canadian flag at half mast.
The pole was stationed
At the police station.
It’s revealed that a John Doe has passed.