Paint Your Wagon


Directed by Joshua Logan

Starring Clint Eastwood, Lee Marvin, Jean Seberg
Rating: ******

Clint Eastwood plays a prospector,
Panning for some gold.
Lee Marvin plays his partner,
Helping to mine the load.

They’re working through the Gold Rush
Sweating their faces off,
When one day in their mining camp
A woman is auctioned off.

All the men are trying to bid,
For all these single men want a wife.
Lee Marvin, who’s reeling drunk,
Bids high and gains a wife.

His partner tries to sober him up,
So he can say his vows.
They have to literally hold him up
So he won’t come crashing down.

The woman does what women do,
And makes a happy home.
Then Lee Marvin makes the decision
That Clint won’t have to be alone.

“We are partners,” he tells partner.
“50-50, down the middle.
I will share my wife with you
If you don’t mind being second-fiddle.”

And so Lee Marvin shares his wife,
And also does some singing,
For this Western is a musical,
With all main actors singing.
They don’t find a whole lot of gold
In their dinky little mine
But hit upon an opportunity,
The opportunity of a lifetime.

They noticed that the town saloon
Is taking a lot of gold dust.
And that some of it falls through the floor,
And collects with the other dust.

They reason that to get the gold,
They can dig beneath the bar,
And simply sift through a bit of dirt
To get the shiny gold dust thar.

They need to do this secretly,
Because if they get caught,
They might face an angry mob
Who wants their thin throats cut.

This comedy is funny,
Well made and well written.
The acting is exceptional,
And we are pleased with what we’re gettin’.

This gets a five, it surely does.
If you get the chance to see it,
It will make you forget all your troubles.
Yes, you will definitely want to see it.

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