Jason Statham in disguise.



Directed by Taylor Hackford

Starring Jason Statham, Jennifer Lopez, Michael Chiklis, Nick Nolte

Rating: ******

Parker gets betrayed by a rock man.

Jason Statham
Steals some cash,
Gets betrayed,
And inhales ash.

He’s shot several times
And left for dead,
But that doesn’t stop him
From getting ahead.

He steals some cars
And gets fake ID.
Then he tells his wife
And Nick Nolte to flee.

Jason impersonates a doctor.

He’s about to do something
That will put them in danger.
His wife just barely
Escapes from that danger.

Those who betrayed him
Are in lieu
With the Mafia
Who have no clue

That he’s about
To unleash tenfold
His own revenge,
All personal.

Jennifer Lopez plays a real estate agent.

We see him fight
And stab and shoot,
Get all bloodied up,
And get the boot.

He gets a partner,
Jenny Lopez,
Who aids him in getting
His revenge.

This movie is fun
And beneficial.
It’s thrilling despite
Being predictable.

Parker spies on the robbers.

I’ll give it a firm
Five out of six.
It’s better than average
And all full of tricks.

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