Peter Pan

Peter Pan


Directed by Herbert Brenon

Starring Betty Bronson, Ernest Torrence, Mary Brian, George Ali

Rating: ******

Nana the dog.

From 1924
Comes this silent flick
About a young boy
Whose flight speed is quick.

His flight speed?
I’ll say that this isn’t a man,
Not a pilot. Instead, he’s
The great Peter Pan.

He’s a boy who travels
With a fairy named Tink.
He never does bathe,
So his body must stink.

Wendy and Peter meet.

He won’t bathe
Because he has been off on his own
Since he was young enough
To run away from his home.

He spies on a family
With a mom and a dad,
And three little children,
None of them bad.

The children are cared for
By a very large dog.
In the film, it’s a human
Dressed up like a dog.

Captain Hook and Mr. Smee.

Such a strange dog
Steals each scene she’s in.
One cannot look away
When she’s busy actin’.

We all think we know the story
Of Peter Pan,
For so many films
Have been seen by his fans,

But this film is primarily
Based on the play,
A medium few people are
Versed in today.

Peter and one of the Lost Boys.

It boasts some intriguing
Special effects,
Like Peter Pan flying
While looking relaxed,

And Tinkerbell flying
As a small, little light.
In the evening, she can really
Light up the night.

The crocodile
That ate Captain Hook’s hand,
Like the giant dog, Nana,
Is played by a man.

Wendy with the Lost Boys.

At one point, the captain
Poisons the fairy,
At a point of high tension,
Suspenseful and scary.

Peter Pan looks
At the audience offscreen
And asks all the children
To believe in fairies.

Only this can save Tinkerbell,
So he states,
And his idea seems to work,
As he alters her state.

The big, scary crocodile.

This movie was very
Well done for its time.
It still holds up today.
I give it a fifteen minus nine.

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