Planet Of The Apes

Planet of the Apes


Directed by Franklin J. Schaffner

Starring Charlton Heston, Roddy McDowall, Kim Hunter

Rating: ******

Four of Earth’s astronauts
Flying through Space
Sleep in their solid sleep pods,
Excepting one astronaut,
Standing in place,
Who happily smiles and nods.

Charlton Heston as an astronaut named Taylor.

He smokes a cigar,
Relaxed and calm,
And speaks to his friends sound asleep.
Two men and one woman,
Silent and warm,
Whose trances seem tranquil and deep.

He speaks of his mission.
For two thousand years
He and his friends traveled far.
Now closer to home,
It’s time for the cheers.
Earth’s sun is their destined star.

He goes back to sleep
And wakes up in a panic.
It looks like they’re going to crash!
They fly into a planet
And land in a lake,
With a loud and thundering splash.

The woman is dead.
She did not survive,
And the three men bow their heads.
Now on this strange planet,
They start to explore,
Carefully, or they might end up dead.

Hiding from the apes.

In time they find
A whole bunch of apes,
Dressed for war, riding beasts.
They’re captured and caged,
And now they’re enraged,
For they might now become deceased.

This is the start
Of a remarkable film
Called Planet of the Apes.
It’s a sci-fil classic
From 1969,
And today we’re still watching these apes.

It’s the best kind of
Sci-fi adventure film,
And it gets the audience thinking.
How similar
Are apes to man,
And what have the apes been thinking?

Talking chimpanzees have a discussion.

The story is good,
The performances strong,
And the costumes and make-up stand out.
Charlton Heston
Excels as the lead,
And Kim Hunter, as an ape, speaks out.

I’m giving this movie
A five out of six.
You can watch it with your flunkies.
It can be enjoyed
At any age,
For who doesn’t love to see monkeys?

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