Police Story 2

Police Story 2


Directed by Jackie Chan

Starring Jackie Chan, Maggie Cheung, Kwok-Hung Lam, Bill Tung

Rating: ******

Jackie Chan, as usual, is set out to amaze us.

This movie is best watched right after the first,
And it’s the tightest of the Police Story sequels.
It takes place not too long after the first,
And most of the cast return in this sequel.

Jackie Chan’s character gets a demotion
Down to a motorcycle cop,
But he’s reinstated when his expertise
Is needed to make bombings stop.

The bombers are a criminal gang
Who use extortion as a means to gain wealth.
They threaten business owners
With explosions that will decrease health.

One of the evil bombers
Is a short and bespectacled deaf mute.
His Kung Fu and skills with explosives
Make his lack of hearing moot.

Early on, Jackie Chan has a chase scene
In a park, a playground and an alley.
We see one of the best fights anyone has ever filmed,
As if anyone’s doing a tally.

Bill Tung as Jackie’s boss oversees his actions.

In the playground, Jackie goes underneath,
Over, around and through
Pretty much everything anchored down,
And he goes under people, too.

He’ll be on top of the playground,
Then he might do a flip.
He might grab somebody’s legs
And cause them to rapidly trip.

He’s the most agile man I’ve ever seen,
And moves like a squirrel in a tree.
He outmanoevres his opponents
Using whatever’s nearby that he can see.

His two major fights are this one in the park,
And one later at the end of the story.
The latter takes place in a warehouse,
And also on multiple storeys.

One little and very brief thing he does
Shows us how very much strength he must have.
He climbs up several stairs from beneath
Using only the grip strength from his hands.

That is a very difficult thing to do,
And he makes it seem easy as pie.
Any normal man would know that
He could slip and fall and die,

The deaf mute is an extremely dangerous explosives and Kung Fu expert.

So they wouldn’t do it, but Jackie Chan
Does his best to entertain,
So he’ll do evermore dangerous stunts
No matter the eventual pain.

This is not a standalone movie,
And complements the first one quite well.
Though not quite as good, I give it a five,
And it still holds up very well.

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