Police Story 3: Supercop

Police Story 3: Supercop


Directed by Stanley Tong

Starring Jackie Chan, Michelle Yeoh, Maggie Cheung, Bill Tung

Rating: ******

Jackie’s girlfriend May returns in this sequel.

This movie gives people lots of awe.
This movie drives people wild.
It’s regarded as the quintessential action film,
Enjoyed by man, woman and child.

It’s a highly influential film,
And has reshaped some Hollywood scenes.
It’s soaked with adrenaline, loaded with thrills
And stunts like the world’s never seen.

Known over here just as Supercop,
It’s really a Police Story sequel,
Though only Jackie and his girlfriend,
And his captain have returned for this sequel.

It plays like a standalone movie.
You don’t need to watch the previous first.
This, and the next one, First Strike,
Are their own entities foremost and first.

Policeman Jackie volunteers
For a special and dangerous mission.
He must break a crook out of jail
And find out where he keeps his munitions.

To prepare, he’s given some training.
A military academy’s where he’s told to go,
So he leaves his work and arrives and the first one he meets
Is his new superior Michelle Yeoh.

Looking quite smart in a green uniform,
She asks him some qualifying questions.
Not satisfied with his answers,
She finds a way to test him.

She has him show off his Kung Fu skills,
And he proves he’s as good as he said,
Which is good, because if he wasn’t,
On this mission he soon would be dead.

Jackie Chan and Michelle Yeoh.

He would be going undercover,
With his supervisor Michelle,
And also, sometimes with his Captain,
Whom the actor Bill Tung plays well.

On the fateful day, he goes to the prison
And helps the bad guy to escape,
Then he turns his back on him,
And starts going his own way,

But he’s stopped by the villain of importance.
He wants to join up with his crew.
Jackie says sure and is led to his lair,
Where he meets the other bad guys, too.

Michelle tags along as his sister,
Who is also a martial arts master.
From this point on we see stunt after stunt
Guaranteed to make our hearts beat faster.

You see, Michelle Yeoh, back in Hong Kong,
Is known as the female Jackie Chan.
She can match Jackie stunt for stunt,
And every time shows that she can,

So we see the both of them risking their lives
Over and over again,
Doing unique and heart-pounding dangerous stunts
That are surely tens out of tens.

Jackie leaps from a tall building and grabs a rope ladder,
A simplistic-sounding stunt, it is true,
But had he missed, he would have gone splat—
No nets, mats or safety crew.

Jackie holds on for his life.

Michelle rides a motorbike up a ramp on a hill
And lands on a moving train.
Not content to do it just once,
She practiced again and again.

This movie is fun. This movie is nuts.
It has well-earned its reputation.
It’s not one of my favourites, but I’ll give it a five
For the frequent heart palpitations.

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