Police Story IV: First Strike

First Strike

Directed by Stanley Tong
Starring Jackie Chan

Rating: ******

First Strike is a sequel
To the Police Story films,
But, like its predecessor,
It’s a stand-alone film.

This time around,
The young Hong Kong cop
Is loaned out to the FSB,
So on a plane he has to hop.

His simple little mission
Is to follow a lone woman without heat.
It’s a very simple task
Since they’re confined to airplane seats.

Once off the plane, he’s finished
And can enjoy a week of fun,
Or…he could have had he updated
His passport for Day One.

Now he’s forced to travel back
To Hong Kong much too early.
He’s given a billion rubles
For postcards, food and jewelry.

Intriguingly, he sees the girl
Whom he had been asked to follow,
So he hops in a cab, points at the woman,
And motions to the cabbie to follow.

They end up at a Russian church,
Which had since been abandoned.
Jackie calls the FSB,
Since he is just a stand-in.

The woman and her lover,
And other criminal men,
Get surrounded by the army,
And the FSB is blocked from them.

We learn that the bad guys have a bomb,
Of the Atomic-Nuclear kind,
And were in the process of selling it off,
For greater riches, you’ll find.

The army appears to be in on it,
And lets them all escape.
Jackie follows the lover to a cabin,
The definition of isolate.

It’s a small and weathered building,
That’s rather non-descript,
Located on a mountain,
So it’s out of the way a bit.

The FSB meet Jackie
In this cold and frigid land.
Poor Jackie Chan is freezing,
With red chest, and face and hand.

The only winter clothing
That he’s wearing is a hat
With a silly polar bear design,
And he looks funny in that.

When the Feds surround the building,
He sees movement down below.
Hidden men dressed all in white
Appear from beneath the snow.

They’re carrying machine guns,
And brought along a ‘copter
Armed with fast, explosive missiles
That destroy another chopper.

Jackie sees his target
Escaping on a snowmobile.
He quickly gives chase to him,
While gripping the icy steel.

The mercs ski after him
Once his skidoo takes a tumble.
He flees from them on a snowboard
Down the mountainside, with a fumble.

He manages to stay upright
While holding very safe
The very thing the baddies want
–A normal, black briefcase.

While coming to a cliff edge,
Towards a friendly chopper,
He jumps into the air,
Grabbing onto the legs of the ‘copter.

But he’s forced to let go when a missile is fired
From the enemy’s flying vehicle.
He falls down a good hundred feet
Into an icy pool.

He tries to climb out, but is forced to duck down
When bullets come a-flying.
Finally, the baddies leave,
When he’s near the point of dying.

Freezing, he drags himself out
Of the large and frigid lake.
He wakes up on a hospital bed,
Where the FSB congratulate.

Jackie meeting Nathan Jones

“You did good work, Jackie.
Now we need you in Australia.
Your supervisor just agreed.
Now it’s our job to rally ya.”

Chan agrees and climbs aboard
A Russian submarine
That sneaks him into Melbourne
So discreetly he’s unseen.

He goes to meet the sister
Of the man who had the case.
She works in an aquarium,
One that’s huge, with lots of space.

She puts on shows, and swims with sharks
In a giant steel cage.
She has to wear chainmail
To protect her from shark rage.

Jackie meets the girl,
And her family as well.
He reveals his identity.
Now they don’t think he’s too swell.

The sister resents him for deceiving her,
And the men give him angry frowns.
He has a short chat with the father,
And leaves the hospital part of town.

Hair or not, Nathan’s going to lose this fight.

The suspect meets the sister,
And says that Jackie Chan is bad.
He gives her a tiny warhead.
Then he checks up on his dad.

Jackie tails her and sees
Her hide it in a tank.
Then the suspect holds him up,
Taking all his stuff, I thank.

Jackie’s told that hidden bugs
Are all throughout his things.
He gets some temporary clothes,
And receives an enlightening.

He’s told that the man from the FSB
Who brought him to Aussieland,
Is also working for the Mob,
And in the nuclear deal he has a hand.

When the suspect leaves, the FSB
Find him in a parking lot.
Jackie quits and then returns
To his hotel suite that they bought.

A knock on the door brings him Nathan Jones,
And an equally tall accomplice.
Their job there’s to rearrange his face,
And kill him, too. They’re on this.

Jackie uses his Parkour skills
To put distance in-between.
He escapes, but now he has
No bed on which to dream.

Homeless now, he’s forced to sleep
On the very street.
A thief takes his wallet,
So he has nothing to eat.

He begs money for a phone call,
And asks his Supe to help him a tad.
He discovers that he’s a suspect
In the murder of the suspect’s dad.

He visits the sister to clear his name,
And is attacked by all her dad’s men.
He uses drywall, poles and paper maché,
And an aluminum ladder to defend.

He uses all these objects
In new and unique ways.
Its’ a scene that you’ll remember
Till the end of your days.

He doesn’t just pick up these things
And hit his attackers with them.
He dives over, under, around and through,
And confuses his enemies with them.

After the fight, the suspect shows up
And clears Jackie of all guilt.
He tells Jackie that he’s a triple agent
And he’s in trouble up to the hilt.

He works for the CIA, FSB and Hong Kong,
But the Russian Mafia has him by the throat.
If the doesn’t trade in nuclear arms,
They will slaughter his love like a goat.

They come up with a plan to take Gregor down.
It’s tricky, but what choice do they have?
They have to put his misdeeds at an end,
And also avenge this guy’s dad.

The father’s a man of importance,
And he earns a funeral quite big and grand.
They ask Gregor to meet him there,
But Gregor gains the upper hand.

They give chase to the suspect’s sister,
Whom Jackie tries to protect.
She dons her chainmail bathing wear,
And dives back down into the depths.

The villains dive down after her,
So Jackie has no choice,
But to dive down to protect her,
And the warhead, to help her hoist.

The bad guys see him descending,
So they grab his air supply.
Now he’s down there all alone.
Without some air, he’ll die.

He has to steal air from his foes,
By sneaking up behind them.
He’s forced to outmanoevre them,
And constantly deny them.

He’s also on the lookout for
Fast, man-eating sharks.
He has to stop his movement,
Or they’ll tear him right apart.

When he gets cut, he also must
Hide the fact that he is bleeding.
He tries not to attract the shark,
Who might be tempted into another feeding.

Gregor finally gets impatient
And shoots the aquarium’s glass.
They all float into the lobby,
And chaos reins at last.

Gregor steals the warhead
While the tourists scream in fear.
Jackie protects them from the shark,
So they give a little cheer.

Now he follows him outside,
But Gregor leaves by boat,
So Jackie drives a speeding car
Off a ramp and onto the boat.

Once again, the day is saved,
For Jackie is triumphant.
This adrenaline-producing film
Is filled with thrills abundant.

The sequences on the mountaintop
Took a good three months to shoot.
The sequence in the aquarium
Took another three months, too.

Like always, Jackie treats us
To things we’ve never seen.
A fight on stilts, the ladder fight,
And sea urchins looking mean.

If one stunt fails to blow you away,
There’s another to take its place,
And there are no slow spots to stop it cold
Because this movie is well-paced.

I highly recommend this film.
I give it a five star review.
Seeing it for the first time, it’s amazing,
Though not as good the second time through.

For this film,
You won’t have to go too far out of your way.
That’s because it’s available
As the Jackie Chan’s First Strike (BD) [Blu-ray].

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