Police Story

Police Story


Directed by Jackie Chan

Starring Jackie Chan, Maggie Cheung, Bill Tung, Brigitte Lin

Rating: ******

Jackie and his supervisor, Bill Tung.

Jackie Chan, as a policeman,
Upholds the Law as only he can.
He puts some men in a shantytown
To catch some baddies on whom he has the lowdown,
But the baddies get wise and drive right through
The town, built on a mountainside, with their whole crew.
They smash through buildings and leap and buck
Till the whole village looks like it got hit by a truck.

That’s just the beginning of Police Story,
The penultimate Jackie film in all its glory.
Jackie chases after a bus on foot
By racing down steep hills on foot
And grabbing onto a speeding bus,
With an umbrella, ’cause he isn’t a wuss.

He catches the baddies but lacks evidence
So he has a meeting in confidence
With the secretary of the boss,
But for words they’re really at a loss.
Saying nothing to her for a good ten minutes,
They let her go and say they’re finished,

Maggie Cheung as his girlfriend.

But the police only did that to use her as bait.
They stage a fake hit on her so she’ll faint,
And hopefully testify against the bad boss
Their scheme almost works, and at almost no cost,
But the mark finds out that she’s being used,
And she goes back to the shady dudes.

The plot, though good, is not the reason
To see this. There’s a better reason.
You’ll see spectacular fights of pure imagination,
And incredible stunts that defy explanation.
The last twenty minutes take place in a mall.
And the insane things they do make the bus chase seem small.

There are a whole lot of stunts and a whole lot of glass,
Panes of shattering, breaking glass,
Glass that people are being pushed through,
And being hit with and falling through,
Glass that a motorcycle drives through,
And shelf after shelf that gets broken in two.

The final stunt is no less a surprise,
But it’s on film so we can see it with our eyes.
There’s a big, tall pole all covered in lights,
And Jackie slides down it after a fight,
And in real life he was all covered in burns,
Which is something I’m sure from which he’s learned.

Jackie takes his Superintendent hostage.
This is one of the best movies he ever has made.
Maggie Cheung and Bill Tung came to his aid,
And the Jackie Chan Stunt Team gave it their all,
And relentless Jackie Chan paid for it all.
It’s a film you’ll be very glad to see.
It gets a perfect score from me.

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