Directed by Bob Clark

Starring Dan Monahan, Mark Herrier, Wyatt Knight, Kim Cattrall

Rating: ******

Several friends in the 50s in their search for tail.

In the 1950s,
Teenage boys
Want to experience
Sexual joy,

So they come up with various,
Multiple schemes
To realize
Their immoral dreams.

The evil Porky has tail…

One involves peeping
On showering girls.
Another involves
A hooker, with curls.

This group of friends,
All underage,
Decide to visit
Porky’s one day.

Porky’s is in
The next county over.
It’s a bar filled with strippers,
Top-heavy, older.

The boys go wild,
Hoping to get lucky soon.
They give Porky money
And enter a room,

But Porky,
A big, fat southern gent,
Cheats them,
And makes them get wet.

Now the boys
Are fuming mad.
They want to get even
With the cad.

The script was well written
From the start.
It’s directed by
Bob Clark.

…but he refuses to share.

It’s a silly
Comedy flick.
All can enjoy,
Whether boy, man, or chick.

I’m giving this film
A four and a half,
Though it’s not a movie
To watch with your staff.

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