Power Kids

Power Kids
aka Force of Five


Directed by Krissanapong Rachata

Starring Nantawooti Boonrapsap, Nawarat Techarathanaprasert, Sasisa Jindamanee, Paytaai Wongkamlao, Johnny Nguyen

Rating: ******

The sickly boy gets some neat toys.

Two of the children from Muay Thai Giant
Star in this film as kids.
They’re joined by several other children.
They’re not called the Power Kids.

They’re mostly ordinary children,
Five of them in fact.
Though four of them live together,
The fifth one keeps coming back.

The youngest child is the son of the Master
Of the Muay Thai school they train at.
He’s a sickly kid with a faulty heart.
He has not trained because of that.

The children and their master.

Three of the children train pretty hard,
But they are forbidden to fight.
A friend of theirs keeps visiting them.
As friends, they’re pretty tight.

One day the youngest goes to the doctor,
And is told that he needs a new heart.
Luckily, someone swiftly dies,
And leaves him his body part,

But the hospital the heart is in
Is quickly overtaken
By evil, ruthless terrorists.
For docs they aren’t mistaken.

His friends treat him well.

The child needs the heart quite soon,
Or it will die in its container.
The four friends decide to infiltrate
The facility to grab the container.

The hospital’s a danger
For the three martial artist kids,
And an even bigger danger
For their friend the fifth kid.

The children try to sneak around
So they will not get caught,
A task far easier said than done,
For with danger this place is fraught.

The terrorists take over the hospital!

They bump into a fellow child,
Whom they do not recognize.
She’s one of the deadly terrorists,
Something they don’t realize.

They tell her what they’re doing,
And she listens to their words.
She luckily doesn’t turn them in
> To the mad, bloodthirsty curs.

They try to limit their encounters
With adult human beings,
But it’s sometimes unavoidable,
And they need to take things to extremes.

Time for the fight of their lives!

When forced to fight, they give it their all,
Against opponents of much greater weight.
They lack the power to do them much harm,
But they can’t stop to contemplate.

The head terrorist is a very strong man
Who lacks patience for these cherubs.
Will they have to attack him
To change his attitude?

This story’s engaging and very well told.
The acting is right on the mark.
I give it a decent 4.5 out of 6.
It’s more than just a lark.

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