Project A II

Project A II


Directed by Jackie Chan

Starring Jackie Chan, Maggie Cheung, Rosamund Kwan, Bill Tung

Rating: ******

This officer fakes all of his arrests.

How do you top a movie like Project A,
A film packed with action and stunts that blow us away,
A film with Jackie Chan and his two brothers at their peak,
A film brimming with comedy and acrobatic feats?

You don’t.

Though not the first sequel to not be as good
Than the one that came before it, there’s still a lot of good
In Project A Part 2—yes they made another,
But this time around Jackie’s not with his brothers.

The fact that he’s alone decreases the fun
And drops the quality down a notch, but hardly a ton.
Jackie knew if his friends were absent he might get a bit of hate,
So he really put his all in in an attempt to compensate.

The plot is a good one, original and fast.
A policeman who fakes his arrests is discovered by the brass,
But lacking any evidence, they send in Jackie Chan
To begin working very closely with this man.

Jackie doesn’t know it, but the cop has a good depiction
Of a criminal organization within his jurisdiction.
In their many dealings, he lets them break the law,
And in return he’s rewarded with some money in each paw.

When Jackie arrives on his first day on the job,
He tells the coppers under him they’ll be taking down the Mob,
And says they’ll be going to a tavern in a raid,
But all the cops refuse because they’re all afraid.

The gangsters have been in business so long
That the arm of the Law is no longer is long.
There is, however, one honest cop hidden in that bunch of cowards,
And he and a few of Jackie’s men follow Chan to the people with power.

They get right in over their heads and it starts to get hazy,
But luckily they’re rescued by none other than the Navy.
We’re treated to our first big fight in this tavern of old.
It won’t be the last we’ll see before the credits roll.

Jackie and co. wear a carnation because the pretty Maggie Cheung asked them to.

Aside from the story with the crooked cop,
There are also two subplots competing for the top.
One is a political Resistance,
And one is with pirates from a distance.

With the Resistance are Maggie Cheung,
And Rosamund Kwan as pretty chums.
They sell flowers for their cause,
But their every action causes pause.

The pirates are those that are left over from
The pirate crew from Project A Part 1.
After their leader was killed by Chan,
They decided to get their revenge on this man.

This movie does a decent job
In showing us how to take down the Mob,
And entertains with stunts and fights,
Though the very best scene is in what he bites.

He’s being attacked by some villainous thugs
And finds a large barrel filled not with bugs,
But with red hot peppers which he stuffs into his mouth,
And spits them on his hands while keeping the rest in his mouth.

When a bad guy attacks him, he’ll rub the guy’s eyes,
Or spit in his face to blind his eyes,
And then do it again for his next to assailant,
Remembering that he has the very same ailment.

When he gets away from these guys he’s still in hot water,
So he runs to a jug to gulp down water.
In case you think he might have cheated this scene in the sequel,
All the peppers he used were real.

The pretty Maggie Cheung.

He does a lot of climbing and some pretty nice falls,
And he never fails to bounce against the walls.
There’s a good scene in which he’s handcuffed to another guy
While being chased by hatchet-wielding pirates running by.

I’ll give this film four-point-five.
It was good and very much filled with life,
But nowhere near as fun
As the very first one.

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