Project A

Project A


Directed by Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung

Starring Jackie Chan, Yuen Biao, Sammo Hung, Dick Wei, Mars, Isabella Wong

Rating: ******

It’s time I reviewed
A period piece,
Reflecting in the time.
Authentic costumes
And period sets
And props are all a good sign.

Sailor Jackie Chan.

It takes place, perhaps,
In the late 19th C,
When the seas were filled with pirates.
The British have rented out Hong Kong,
A city cursed with crime and riots.

A large group of sailors
And a large group of cops
Relax in a bar after work.
They’re rivals, and the policemen start up a fight,
Trying to do the sailors some hurt.

His fellow sailors.

The police sergeant is played
By a young Yuen Biao,
The lead sailor by a young Jackie Chan.
The sailors are insulted till they can take no more,
And both sides rise as if they’re one man.

A fight breaks out, a wonderful fight,
And we get to see what they’re made of.
We see flips and falls and the throwing of chairs.
Perhaps springs are what they are made of.

The Hong Kong Police.

At one point someone shoves a chair
Towards Jackie while atop the bar.
He leaps over it, sits in it, rolls out from the back.
We can see why he is the star.

Yuen Biao is just as fiery
A Champion as Jackie Chan.
We see him performing incredible feats,
Sometimes in tandem with Chan.

Yuen Biao tries to start a fight.

They bounce and they bruise and they punch and they land
Till the coppers show up and arrest them.
It appears that though the sailors did not win the fight,
Neither could the police best them.

They’re ready to sail the very next day,
To track down the lead pirate’s lair.
As one, all of their ships catch on fire.
They existed, and now they weren’t there.

He succeeds.

The sailors have a big problem now:
They’re seamen who can’t travel the seas.
Someone comes up with a solution:
To train them all for the police.

So the sailors go into training.
It’s tough, but they all make it through.
Afterwards, the athletic Jackie Chan
Is partnered with Yuen Biao.

Yuen Biao flips through the air to avoid a kick from Jackie.

They’re on the lookout for a criminal man,
Whom they suspect might be hidden
In a luxury casino for well-to-do folks,
So they enter where they are forbidden.

One man who sees Jackie is a young Sammo Hung,
Whom we saw earlier playing Mahjong.
He was hired to acquire some guns.
He’s a crook who sometimes does wrong.

We meet Sammo Hung.

He exits the place when he sees Jackie Chan,
For he has learned how to smell trouble.
Jackie and partner search through the place.
We know the excitement is going to double.

There’s a room that’s forbidden.
The enter nonetheless,
And they find the bad guy they were seeking.
A big fight breaks out with the guy and the staff,
And the duo let their fists do the speaking.

Jackie is now a policeman.

The coppers show up and the guy hides himself,
And the two are told to go home.
Jackie resigns and uncovers the man,
And then angerly exits alone.

He meets Sammo Hung as he walks down the street,
An old friend he once used to be with.
Sammo tells him that he needs a cache of police guns,
And they plan for a good way to steal it.

A fight is about to break out in this pretty place.

Theh get the guns and they hide them away,
But Jackie betrays his friend Sammo.
He tips off the Navy to go grab the guns.
Now all they need is some ammo.

Sammo’s incensed, and hunts down his friend,
But the Mob goes after them, too.
They have to work together by lack of choice,
And fight back while running, too.


Jackie’s not alone. He’s out with a girl,
Someone he has to protect.
She helps him run up a forty-five degree wall,
And she goes down that same hill in a dress.

Outnumbered, Jackie tries to flee on a bike,
But he bad guys have bikes of their own.
He uses his agility and knocks them all down.
All the tricks that he tries are thus shown.

Jackie on a bicycle.

But they still corner him, and they all draw their guns.
It’s curtains for him this time.
But he spots some policemen and turns himself in.
The cavalry had arrived just in time.

The policemen, however, lock on the cuffs
And chain Jackie to a flagpole.
They leave Jackie there to check something out,
For there’s something that they need to know.

Inside the clock tower.

Now Jackie seems doomed. He’s uneasy with fear
As his enemies encircle their goal.
With no choice in the matter, there’s nowhere but up,
So he swiftly climbs up the pole.

Up at the top, with few places to go,
He sees a clock tower nearby.
Still in his handcuffs, he climbs up inside,
Determined that he’s not going to die.

Outside the clock tower.

A villain is there, and attacks him full on,
But Jackie survives yet again.
He’s forced out onto the face of the clock,
Gripping the minute hand.

Slipping, he starts losing his grip.
He’s four stories up and then down.
He falls through the air and hits two little cloths
Before landing headfirst on the ground.

Sammo disguised as a pirate.

That’s not CGI, blue-screened or green-screened.
Jackie Chan is the special effect.
He really held on and he really fell down
And survived, as we’ve come to expect,

Though it came at a price, as we’re told later on.
He’d feel the fall for the rest of his life,
But it’s worth it, of course, as it looks good onscreen,
And he practiced it once more than twice.

“It’s over. Give up.”

Eventually, the navy gets the go ahead,
And they find their way to the pirate hideout.
Surprise is their edge, but it’s no easy task
To defeat them, as they’re to find out.

Sammo Hung tags along to loot the place,
And policeman Yuen Biao, too.
They fight pirates and take down the Pirate King,
And sail off into the ocean so blue.

“It’s not over till one of you kills me.”

The Pirate King is a muscular man.
It takes the three of them to finish him off.
I give a star for that fight alone.
These guys are made of stern stuff.

One star is for the clock tower stunt,
And one for the fight at the bar.
One’s for the story, one’s for direction,
And the comedy gets the last star.


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