Directed by Su-chang Kong

Starring Woo-seong Kam, Byung-ho Son, Sun-kyun Lee

Rating: ******

We meet the team leader.

This Korean horror film
Takes place in Vietnam
When China was at war with them
And fought alongside the Viet Cong.

Some soldiers had gone missing
In a remote, far-off location.
The army called it R-Point,
And it was thick with vegetation.

A team had been sent to R-Point
And had not returned alive.
Now a new team was being sent
To try and find these guys.

They troops socialize.

We meet the team and all seems well,
And we slowly get to know them.
Each character has a story,
And we find out more about them.

I could spoil all the plot,
Buy I’d be doing a disservice,
Both to potential viewers,
And to these soldiers in China’s service.

We suspect, because it’s horror,
That his entire team mightn’t survive.
We suspect they’ll disappear one by one,
Till but a few are left alive,

But the way it’s done is masterful,
Full of suspense and tension.
The script is very tight,
And had marvelous direction.

A heavy weapon is about to be used.

The situations are plausible,
No concept too far stretched.
You believe all of this is possible,
Because It’s not too far-fetched.

This movie gets a 4.5.
It’s good and was done well,
And fans of horror will be pleased
That the movie turned out swell.

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