Directed by Steven Knight

Starring Jason Statham, Agata Buzek, Vicky McClure

Rating: ******

A homeless Jason Statham goes through a man’s things.

Jason Statham,
As a homeless man,
Falls through a skylight
And becomes a new man.

He has fallen into
Someone’s apartment,
But there is no call
To the police department.

The owner’s away,
So here’s the ticker:
He eats his food
And he drinks his liquor.

His holy friend tires to help him.

He spends his money
And wears his clothes.
All quietly,
Like a meadow vole.

He soon decides
To sober up,
And exercise
To toughen up.

He’s an army vet
Who’s friends with a nun,
Searching for a girl
Who is on the run.

He becomes a gangster.

He gets a job
In a Chinese kitchen,
And gets in a fight
With his fists a twitchin’.

The Chinese Mafia
Sees him fight
And makes him a gangster

He has some
Adventures and thrills.
He has found a new way
To pay the bills,

“Just stay calm and nobody more will get hurt.”

But it comes
At a very dear cost.
He discovers what’s gained
And what he has lost.

This drama is good
Like a vintage car.
That’s why it gets
Five shiny stars.

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