Righting Wrongs

Righting Wrongs

Rating: ******

Directed by Corey Yuen
Starring Yuen Biao, Cynthia Rothrock, Melvin Wong, Louis Fan

A young lawyer,
Sick of seeing killers get off,
Gets mad and decides
To kill them all off.

The lawyer is
Played by Yuen Biao,
A man whose workout
Would cripple you.

He can do impressive,
Acrobatic feats.
His battles are successes,
Not defeats.

Naturally his behavior is
Above The Law,
And Cynthia Rothrock
Gets the call.

She’s a serious policewoman
With a badge and handcuffs.
Like the man she is chasing,
She can do remarkable stuff.

This comes in handy
When she tries to apprehend,
And ends up using
Some hand-to-hand,

And aerial manoevres
And ricochets
And yet the lawyer
Still gets away.

There’s a teenaged role,
Played by a young Louis Fan,
Before he was Ricky,
Or that guy on Ip Man.

There’s also a villain,
Played by Melvin Wong,
An actor who often
Worked with Sammo Hung.

He beats people to death
With his coarse, bloody fists.
If they try to attack him
He dodges and twists.

So, just to recap,
If to listen you’re willin’,
The story has a vigilante,
A cop and a villain.

Two people team up
To defeat the worst guy.
In the original ending
All three of them die.

In the reshoot, however,
Cynthia’s throat
Survives her encounter
And she sails on a boat.

Yuen Biao survives
A thousand foot fall
From a plane that he leapt from
With no ‘chute at all.

The audience sees,
On the police barges,
The half-dead vigilante
Receive criminal charges.

It’s a happier ending,
If only a fraction,
For a movie that majors in
Wall-to-wall action.

We get to see fighting
In an apartment,
A parking garage,
A factory, and in a cockpit.

Young Louis Fan. Are you a fan?

The stunts and the fighting
Deserve no protestations,
Though they’re not as good as some of
Yuen Biao’s better collaborations.

At one point Melvin Wong
Puts the hero’s head in a lock with his feet.
Yuen Biao just snaps up.
He’s a guy who can’t be beat.

In the daring finale, Melvin flees
In a tiny, little airplane.
Yuen Biao holds on tight
And breaks into the airplane.

He then attacks the pilot,
When they’re a mile from the ground,
And beats him up and kills him,
Falls in water and almost drowns.

It’s a great scene, but the audience
Knows it isn’t real.
They use a stationary cockpit
That has a stationary feel.

The director wouldn’t even let
Him jump from the plane by himself.
It’s a stunt he could have done easily.
It would not have affected his health.

If Corey’s brother Jackie Chan,
Or his brother Sammo Hung,
Had directed this movie instead of him,
‘Twould have gone up by more than one rung.

Some of the stunts would not have been cheated.
The fights would have been even greater.
It would have felt more realistic.
The audience would have stayed later.

Nevertheless, it’s a pretty good film,
And the film crew worked really hard.
It’s entertaining enough for a five out of six.
It’s a lot better than No Holds Barred.

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