Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes

Rise of the Planet of the Apes


Directed by Rupert Wyatt

Starring James Franco, Andy Serkis, John Lithgow, Freida Pinto

Rating: ******

The Trinity Killer and the Green Goblin’s son spend some time with a chimp.

What could be next in the Planet of the Apes franchise
That we haven’t seen before?
We’ve already seen planets filled with apes.
What more was there to explore?

How about apes so realistic,
You couldn’t tell that they were fake–
Who couldn’t be men in costumes,
Because the costumes would be too hard to make?

These new movies have managed
To do just that,
A remarkable feat.
How’d they do that?

They used computers and motion capture,
And CGI,
Performance capture, green screens,
And technical guys,

But the one best ingredient
That they caught on tape
Was Andy Serkis
A professional ape.

He’s an actor so good
He can mimic a primate
In movement and posture
And in varying climates.

He’s an ape specialist.
He can play gorillas,
Orangutans, chimpanzees,
And other ape fellas.

He played more than one ape
In the film,
And has trained many stuntmen
To be apes on film.

He has played Gollum
And later King Kong,
And now Caesar.

Caesar doesn’t want to be separated from his family.

Yes, Caesar, the same ape
From Conquest and Battle,
But now he’s a different ape
Whose smarts come from a bottle.

James Franco plays a scientist
Whose dad has the Alzheimer’s curse.
He invents a cure for his pops,
So his brain doesn’t get any worse.

He tests the serum on an ape
And makes him as smart as a man.
The two men go and raise that ape,
Giving him love and education.

But at some point the ape gets imprisoned,
And has to live with his own kind,
A situation made more difficult
With himself having the only smart mind.

In addition to being picked on by the apes,
A wizard is causing them trouble on the side:
The actor who played Draco Malfoy
From the Harry Potter franchise.

He plays an evil zookeeper
Who likes to torment apes.
He’ll shock them enough to knock them out,
And then laugh like a jackanape.

Caesar feels the anger welling up inside of him.

Caesar sneaks out to steal some cure,
So their intelligence will be more equal.
Then they all plot to escape
So they can get their revenge on the people.

It’s a very good movie that’s very well done.
They will have you believing this tale.
It gets a five out of six for me,
For it gets your attention like a flail.

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