Rumble In The Bronx

Rumble In The Bronx


Directed by Stanley Tong

Starring Jackie Chan, Anita Mui, Françoise Yip, Bill Tung, Marc Akerstream

Rating: ******

Jackie comes to America and meets his uncle.

I got to see this film uncut
For the first time recently.
I had only seen the US dub,
Released internationally.

A number of Jackie Chan’s films
We’re very heavily edited,
And if you wanted to see them uncut,
You take that dream and forget it.

Rumble in the Bronx
Was one such casualty.
It was missing a good twenty minutes
That we did not get to see.

Jackie begins work in the grocery store.

This movie was an attempt
To break into the American Market.
A strategy that proved successful.
And expanded his international market.

Jackie plays a Hong Kong cop,
Coming to America to attend a wedding.
He plans to return back to Hong Kong
Not too long after the wedding.

In the US version he’s just a guy
Who decides to immigrate.
He meets his uncle in New York
And they get to celebrate.

Anita Mui plays the new owner.

His uncle owns a grocery store
And decides to sell it off.
He pawns it off on a naive young lady,
At the same time ripping her off.

He doesn’t tell her that his business
Is in a bad location.
Criminal gangs and the Mafia
Frequent this location.

She finds this out after the wedding,
When shoplifters start to steal.
Jackie sees them and beats them up,
Returning their earned meal.

Jackie fights some gang members.

Jackie Chan is working there
During his stay in New York.
He quickly finds more trouble
Then he can turn with a fork.

The shoplifters were gang members
Who return to cause him trouble.
They trap him in an alley
And cut him with glass bottles.

They’re not the only criminals
Who rob the grocery store.
Extortionists demand handouts
As “protection” for its core.

Jackie flees the gang members…

Though he plays an ordinary man.
He’s extraordinary agile,
A master of Kung Fu and Parkour,
Jackie makes every fight worthwhile.

Every time one side makes a move,
The other side makes one bigger.
It’s an ever-escalating tug-of-war,
At an ever-grander figure.

While the stunts and action escalate,
So do the tension and suspense.
The adrenaline comes pouring out
When we see these past fast-paced events.

…and then fights them again.

There’s great stunt work, fantastic fights,
And marvelous acrobatics.
Stuntman comprise the hoodlum gang,
With expertly choreographed antics.

There’s a reason America took notice
When this film was shown here.
It has everything an action film
Should have included here.

It’s one of Jackie’s more serious films,
And not quite one of his best,
But the quality is unrelenting.
It never fails to impress.

A hovercraft causes havoc.

It’s still an amazing movie
That goes so very far.
It has more than earned my rating
Of five out of six stars.

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