Spider-Man 2

Spider-Man 2


Directed by Sam Raimi

Starring Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst, Alfred Molina, James Franco

Rating: ******

Mary Jane is unhappy.

Spider-Man 2 is not the only
Sequel to disappoint.
There are countless others like it,
And I’m sure you understand my point.

Whether a disappointment or not to me,
It blew many other viewers away,
And is regarded as one of the greatest
Superhero films ever made.

To each his own, I do suppose,
Though I’ll certainly give it this:
There’s one scene I like more
Than any in the film previous,

But let’s begin at the beginning.
It starts where the last one left off.
Peter Parker (Spider-Man)
Tells his true love to shove off.

He does it to protect her
From the enemies of Spider-Man,
But all this does is depress them both,
Till neither of them gives a damn,

So they spend the movie sulking,
And behaving like immature kids.
We sadly don’t get to see Spider-Man
In the film much because of this.

Doctor Octopus is attacking the city.

Instead we see Peter whining
And lamenting his sad, sorry life.
Mary Jane does some pouting.
They’re both in pain as if stabbed by a knife.

Whilst they do their moping,
We meet a scientist
Who makes some robotic octopus arms
And attaches them near his ribs.

They seem to have a mind of their own
And do some evil things,
Like steal and attack people,
And they keep on breaking things,

But unlike the Doctor Octopus
In the Spider-Man comic books,
This guy’s nice and wonderful,
When he’s not skewering folks with his hooks.

He doesn’t mean to be evil.
It’s just a happenstance
That he’s unable to control
Since he’s a victim of circumstance.

He goes and commits crimes of sorts
Till Spider-Man wakes up
And swings to the rescue and saves the day,
And this wakes the audience up.

Because Peter Parker was so depressed,
He was unable to use his powers,
So we got to see crying instead of action,
And this crying lasted for hours,

But the fight with Doctor Octopus
Almost makes up for the boredom
We had experienced from this overlong film,
This melancholic forum.

Part of the fight takes place on the roof
Of an elevated speeding train
Running through the city along a track
That seems to have been broken in twain.

To stop the train and save the lot
Of the passengers screaming in fear,
Spidey attaches his webbing
Onto some buildings that are near,

And with both arms holds on for dear life,
Using his body to absorb the force.
His arms are almost being torn off,
His chest about to burst.

He felt the need to remove his mask
So he could see what he was doing.
He saved them, but he passed right out.
The train did not get ruined.

The people on the train pull him in,
So he doesn’t fall to his death.
They all take a good look at him,
And they all suck in their breaths.

“He’s so young,” they start to say.
“He could be anyone we know.
Why does he risk his life for us,
When if he asked us for help, we’d say no?”

They thank him profusely when he wakes up,
They smile as they hand him his mask,
And for the first time in Peter Parker’s life
He has no questions to ask.

He accepts this event for what it is,
And feels a little warmer as a result.
He bids them good day and off he swings,
Many miles before he will halt.

This scene impressed me on several levels.
It was touching to show that they care.
It could have been just an action scene,
One that had no heart to share.

Spidey gets saved by the people of New York City.

Out of every Spider-Man film that I’ve seen,
This scene is the best from them all.
It shows that Spidey’s not just a superhero
Who doesn’t matter to the people at all.

The film by itself I didn’t much care for.
It was not my cup of tea,
But I’ll give it a reasonable two out of six,
And I’ll suggest you just watch it for free.

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