Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home


Directed by Jon Watts

Starring Tom Holland, Samuel L. Jackson, Jake Gyllenhaal, Marisa Tomei, Jon Favreau

Rating: ******

Peter Parker speaks to his best friend.

Peter Parker
And his high school class
Get a free vacation to Europe
That they don’t have to pass.

Two teachers accompany
Them on their trip
But allow the students
To roam around a bit.

Their first stop is Venice,
An Italian town
That in 2019
Looks really run down.

Peter has difficulties
Making good first impressions,
And keeps wishing that he could
Have taken lessons.

There’s a girl he likes,
But around her he’s shy,
So he talks to his buddy,
A fat Indian guy.

He tells him his plan:
When he’s in France
He’ll tell the girl she
Looks good in her pants.

It’s a foolproof idea
That can’t possibly fail.
He’ll win over her heart
And end up with some tail,

But nothing is ever
As simple as it seems,
For he has a rival
On his school trip team.

He’s a man who is willing
To do whatever it takes
To make the same girl like him,
The one for whom he aches.

Peter’s self-conscious,
And lacks self-esteem.
He doesn’t want to seem pushy,
Selfish or mean.

So he’ll come across
As lacking strength,
With confidence
Of the shortest length,

And people will ignore him.
To him this is plain.
In reality,
He’s treated nearly the same

Spidey faces off against his enemy.

As is everyone else,
Truth be told.
Most folks are too busy
With what their own futures hold

To waste too much time
Chatting to Parker.
If only he knew this,
He might have felt smarter.

Nick Fury from SHIELD
Encounters the boy
And tells him he needs him
In his employ.

There’s a humungous threat
That threatens the world.
They have to face them in battle
And give victory a whirl.

There’s a new man helping them,
From another world, don’t you know?
He goes by the name of

He flies around
And shoots energy blasts
To halt his enemy
In his tracks.

Peter refuses
To help them out,
And saunters off
To roam about.

He’s given a pair
Of glasses, a gift,
From Tony Stark, Iron Man,
An incredible gift,

For it gives him command
Of drones from Space
That can kill anyone
With a scan of his face.

How does Pete use
His newfound gift,
And how does Mysterio
Fit into all of this?

For the answer, my friend,
You’ll have to see
The whole film
In its entirety.

How watchable is it?
When it takes off, it’s not bad,
But like the last Spidey film,
It gets preachy a tad,

But that notwithstanding,
What drags this down a ton
Is this version of Peter Parker
Who just acts too young.

He really behaves
As if he’s under eighteen.
None of his strengths
Can shine through this screen.

Spidey and Michelle Jones.

It’s a different take
On a well-known character,
But is this the best way
To represent this character?

I’m giving it a three
For its ambition and effort,
But that’s about all it’s worth.
It’s barely worth the effort.

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