Directed by Sam Raimi

Starring Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst, Willem Dafoe, James Franco

Rating: ******

Meet Peter Parker, a normal teen…

This is one of the superhero films
That shines above the rest.
Though not as good as Superman,
There’s still a prize for second best.

Every single element
Blends together so very well
That the whole story seem seamless,
And incorruptible.

The story is well written,
The acting well performed.
There’s a good mix of comedy,
And drama, farce, and corn,

So we’re all completely so absorbed
We cannot look away.
Add to that the VFX
And stunt work into the fray,

And you have yourself an actioneer
That’s exciting, fresh, intense,
With equal parts ambition,
Adrenaline and suspense.

Newcomer Tobey Maguire
Plays the titular Spider-Man,
Is bespectacled high school student
Who transforms into a completely new man.

His best friend is a fellow named Harry,
Played by James Franco the first,
A rich kid with a billionaire father,
And a hunger for redheads, a thirst.

…who wants to play dress-up.

The redhead in question is Mary Jane,
The woman of the two men’s dreams—
Harry, the rich kid, naturally,
And Peter, the Spider-Man being.

Peter’s too shy to talk to her
Unless he’s dressed up like a spider.
Harry’s far more charming,
And more pointed in his desire.

Harry’s father, Norman Osborne,
Is the head of Osborne Corp,
A research and development
Science lab of sorts.

They invented a new breed of spider
That changed Peter’s own DNA
To a man who can scale bare buildings,
And see without glasses on his face.

He also invented insanity gas
That turns Norman slightly mad,
And make him dress up like a goblin.
No he’s Harry’s evil dad.

The woman of his dreams, Mary Jane.

This movie blends Peter’s life as Spider-Man
Seamlessly with Pete’s private life.
It makes us care about him as a person
In a way we mayn’t otherwise might.

It’s a very, very good superhero film,
One of the best ever made.
I’m giving it a high six out of six,
For it leaves most of the rest in the shade.

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