Star Wars Episode VIII: The Rise of Skywalker

The Rise of Skywalker


Directed by J.J. Abrams

Starring Daisey Ridley, John Boyega, Oscar Isaac, Adam Driver, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill, Anthony Daniels, Peter Mayhew, Kelly Marie Tran

Rating: ******

The Force Awakens showed us some Han.
The Last Jedi showed us some Luke.
We’ve seen sprinklings of Leia,
But there are a few more in their troupe.

Chewie finds a way to keep busy.
The droids serve a purpose as well.
The four new leads distract us enough
That the pieces all seem to jell.

Enter Billy Dee Williams,
Back as Han’s buddy Lando.
Ian McDiarmid and Harrison Ford
Also show up in a handful.

“Relax, big fella. It’s time to take your temperature.”

It’s nice to see some of these people,
Buy most are just kind of there,
And serve no greater purpose
Than making us want to care.

At least this film has some momentum.
It has its own driving force,
Moving towards the finish line
As it continues to stay on course.

It knows it’s the finishing movie,
That it has to end with a bang,
And finalize the story
With a sad and bitter pang.

Naturally, that’s the hardest task—
Taking the first two flicks—
And trying to find connections
Amongst the rises and the dips.

Somehow they kind of pulled it off.
They did the best they could.
It left us feeling somewhat satisfied,
As well as it should.

Rey, on a very serious mission.

It’s the best film of the Sequels,
The better of the three,
But with such a weak foundation,
It will fade from history.

The original three were good.
The stories had a flow.
They pulled the viewer into
A world he didn’t know.

They were more than just mere movies.
They were a good experience.
The director was free to do his thing
With little interference.

Even the Prequel Trilogy with all its faults
Had a story that was all planned out.
The characters could be understood.
We knew what they were all about.

The same can’t be said for these sequels.
From the start they were a bit of a mess.
Part of the reason is that too many people
Made too many decisions on the sets.

Too many writers, too many execs,
And far too much pressure to please
Sapped out any creativity
We could have expected from these.

Despite accepting many contributions,
George Lucas was a one-man show.
He was showing us his vision,
The way he wanted the story to go.

There were no multiple endings
Or subplots that just filled up time.
Every scene had a purpose.
Their bridgework was very fine.

It’s unfortunate that the Star Wars sequels
Were slapped together with so little care,
Especially when those who worked on it
Still had some feelings there.

Kylo Ren has fixed his hat, with some very obsolete crazy glue.

Still, we’re lucky we got
Any sequels at all.
The original cast had been aging.
A new trilogy was the right call.

Enough of my lamenting.
This movie gets a four,
The highest of the Sequels,
But still a lousy score.

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