Superman And The Mole Men

Superman And The Mole Men


Directed by Lee Sholem

Starring George Reeves, Phyllis Coates, Jeff Corey, Walter Reed

Rating: ******

This film acted as a pilot
For the Adventures of Superman,
A very popular TV show
In the early days of TV Land.

Clark Kent, newspaper reporter for the Daily Planet.

The actor from the serials
Declined to reprise his role,
So the world gets a brand-new Superman.
George Reeves got the role.

George Reeves made an excellent Superman,
And an excellent Clark Kent.
He was the most well-rounded actor
To play the role, I’ll bet.

The film begins with visitors
Arriving in a car.
They get out at an oil rig,
And two of them came from afar.

The driver works for the company
That decided to drill down
An entire six miles
Deep into the ground.

A mole man from the Earth’s core.

That is why his passengers
Both made their way here.
They’re reporters from Metropolis,
Though their time is very dear.

They want to write a story
To let the world know
All of the specifics
Of the world’s deepest hole,

But the moment they arrive,
The operation’s shutting down.
The manager will drill no more,
For reasons of his own.

The two reporters, Lois Lane,
And spectacled Clark Kent,
Still want their story nonetheless.
Their curiosity has not been spent.

They poke around and get some facts,
But while they do their job with soul,
Two strange-looking humanoids
Climb out of the hole.

Their appearance starts a panic.
Though Mr. Kent does what he can,
He knows that this is really
A job for Superman.

Though a mere 58 minutes,
This is Superman’s first movie.
It was a theatrically-released
Television movie,

And it must have been successful.
Six seasons of the show
Ended up airing on TV
All those years ago.

Superman’s impenetrable skin makes him invulnerable to bullets.

Is it the best movie with Superman?
No, but it should be seen,
Though it really would have profited
With more Superman onscreen.

I’ll be fair. I liked this film,
And I’m glad that it’s been made.
I give this film a four,
And I hope it doesn’t fade.

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