Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut

Superman II: The Richard Donner cut


Directed by Richard Donner

Starring Christopher Reeve, Margot Kidder, Gene Hackman, Marlon Brando, Ned Beatty, Sarah Douglas

Rating: ******

Margot Kidder is back in another Superman II.

In the late seventies, to turn the tide,
Two Superman movies were filmed side by side,
But they ran over budget and short on time,
Though they completed the first one just in time,

And then they released it and it did so well
That they decided to finish the sequel as well,
But the producers and the director did not get along,
So they fired him, and thus did a great wrong.

…and so is Brando.

The great Richard Donner was replaced
By Richard Lester, new to the place.
They decided to refilm a lot of scenes,
Though they already had most of their scenes.

They filmed a whole different movie
–An extremely different movie–
The barely resembled the original script.
Then they released it and it was a hit.

The evil Kryptonians are back on the moon.

Some of the actors were none too pleased
That they fired Donner ’cause they disagreed,
And for decades said to those who would listen
That there’s a whole other version the world is missin’.

Finally someone discovered in England
Tons of film reels left in England
From Superman II, and with due honor,
Revealed it was shot by Richard Donner.

Hackman is mesmerized by Brando’s performance.

This led fans to speculate
That a Donner version might be pretty great,
So they pressured Warner Brothers
To please the fans and all their mothers.

They suggested a Donner Cut,
An alternate Superman II, but
One re-edited be Donner himself,
With footage he filmed as his younger self.

“Clark, are you Su…er, never mind.”

Initially, he decided no,
But the pressure continued, so
He acquiesced and unrolled the reels
And made his original vision real.

When released, the fans shook with awe,
And they’ll never get over what they saw.
When Donner took over and pulled the handle,
The first thing he brought back was Marlon Brando,

Superman takes Lois on a date.

And he showed new scenes never seen before,
That for too long had been lying on the Cutting Room floor,
Like one with Lois shooting Clark with a gun
Because she thinks that he’s Krypton’s son.

This new release was better by far
And surpassed Lester’s version by several stars.
This particular Superman movie
Felt more strongly connected with Superman The Movie.

“Lex, I built this Fortress of Solitude so I could be alone“.

It had the same music, and intros, and then
They repeated the prequel’s end,
Because that’s how they followed the original script.
Suffice it to say the fans were hardly tight-lipped.

This Superman movie is nearly as good
As its great predecessor, as well as it could.
It gets 5.5 out of 6 for fulfilling the plan
And bringing us another great Superman.

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