Superman II

Superman II (Theatrical)


Directed by Richard Lester

Starring Christopher Reeve, Margot Kidder, Gene Hackman, Sarah Douglas

Rating: ******

Margot Kidder as Lois Lane.

Remember those villains floating in space
From the Superman movie that’s still in first place?
They finally hit something here in the sequel,
And escape, and prove that they’re Superman’s equal.

This trio’s leader is General Zod,
And they dress in black in a design most odd.
After landing on Earth for a couple of hours,
They discover they all have super powers.

Lex and Ned are in prison.

So they conquer the Earth down to the last man,
And the only one left is Superman,
Who has been spending some time with Lois Lane
Far away in his lair, it’s plain.

Supes finds out it’s World War III,
And he fights the baddies one, two, three.
In addition to brawn, he uses his smarts,
And stops the world from being torn apart.

The evil Kryptonians arrive on the moon.

This movie feels a little off.
Some of the edges were a little soft.
On the Silver Screen there were traces of tin,
And comedy where there shouldn’t have been.

This is because, after firing the erector,
This movie was finished by another director,
One nowhere as good and nowhere as keen,
And the result is a mismatch up there on the screen.

A picture of Superman is worth a thousand words.

Richard Lester tried his best,
But his best doesn’t reach Richard Donner’s chest.
I’m giving it a three. I’m not a hater,
But this movie should have been far, far greater.

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