Superman III

Superman III


Directed by Richard Lester

Starring Christopher Reeve, Richard Pryor, Robert Vaughn, Margot Kidder

Rating: ******

There’s no banana peel, but it’s the same idea.

For Superman III,
Slapstick was the goal
And Hackman refused
To reprise his role.
Margot Kidder
Was greatly slighted,
And Marlon Brando
Was not invited.

A new approach
Was needed, then,
So the script did not
Star Superman.
Richard Pryor
Was this film’s new star,
As a programming genius
Who lowered the bar.

Meet Gus Gorman, the actual main character of the movie.

The funny comedian
With eyes filled with pain
Brings us little laughter,
Though that was the aim.
The producers were trying
To make us laugh,
But they failed completely.
They weren’t up to the task.

The first Superman movie’s opening credits
Came at you onscreen
With powerful edits,
With powerful music
Pulling you in
Till you feel that you are
connected to him.

I have all of these miraculous powers, but I can’t save this film?.

In contrast, this movie
Begins with some boobs,
And the city’s men are distracted
By these boobs,
Which lead to a lackluster
Slapstick sequence
Which is overlaid
With the credits sequence.

This movie doesn’t get
Better from there,
Though some dramatic scenes
Are better than fair.
Annette O’Toole plays Lana Lang,
The woman who plays Clark’s romantic flame.

Robert Vaughn, the almost-threatening bad guy.

Clark visits Smallville and encounters Miss Lang
And bring some charm to the movie again,
And we see Clark transform himself
And later split into two different selves,
But while all this is going on,
Richard Pryor is moving the film along.

We see him do things that make no sense,
Like skiing on a rooftop with no fence,
Sliding over the windows closed
Till he lands in traffic on the streets below.
To tell us that we’re supposed to laugh,
He has a pink tablecloth tied to his… lower half.

The lovely Annette o’Toole as Lana Lang.

Pryor gets involved with Robert Vaughn,
Who is hardly Ricardo Montalban,
As a baddie who builds a supercomputer,
An indestructible supercomputer,
That Richard Pryor needs saving from dying.
Superman can carry him while flying.

That scene was used in the movie poster.
Pryor with Reeves showing good posture,
Telling all customers to beware,
That this would be substandard Superman fare.

Christopher Reeve punishes himself for accepting the part.

In Superman III, some parts are okay,
But the film as a whole is trash to this day.
The movie bombed, for they followed the rumour
That the producers just did not understand humour.
I hate this film, so I give it two
–One star for effort, and one for the crew.

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