Superman IV: The Quest for Peace

Superman IV: The Quest For Peace


Directed by Sidney J. Furie

Starring Christopher Reeve, Margot Kidder, Gene Hackman, Mark Pillow

Rating: ******

Yes, it’s green, but will it cut butter?

I saw this movie once
And I liked it, truthfully,
Though I’ll admit that it was after
Watching Superman III.

In comparison to that film,
This film was like high art.
At least the script was better
And it got off to a better start.

I will admit the movie suffered
By its watered-down aesthetics,
But I can overlook its budget,
Its naysayers, and heretics.

Lex is still in jail.

To put it very bluntly,
The movie looks like crap,
But Margot Kidder and Gene Hackman
Have finally been brought back.

Their characters and performances
Are a reason to go see this.
Chris Reeves’s no less exceptional
Though I doubt he’d want to see this.

Hackman, as Lex Luthor,
Steals an unbreakable strand
Of Superman’s black hair
And creates the Nuclear Man.

“After you.”

He’s a young and muscular guy
Who serves one simple purpose:
To seek out and fight Superman
While in Lex Luthor service.

They fight and they fight
Until Superman wins,
But the franchise burned out,
It had gotten so thin.

Long gone were the days
Of Superman The Movie,
Which was able to leave us awestruck
By the greatness of the movie.

No, he’s not Firestorm. This is a different Nuclear Man.

Even to this day,
In an era of cinematic superheroes,
The first Superman is still the best
Film about superheroes.

The lesser efforts fade away
Like number IV: the Quest for Peace.
And the franchise slowly fizzled out
Soon after its release.

But Superman the character
Has stood the test of time,
In comics, television,
And he makes a comeback every time.

This was the last Superman movie made before these two guys were inducted into the World Wrestling Federation.

He will always be brought back
To the beloved Silver Screen,
In unforgettable adventures,
The most astounding ever seen.

The makers of this movie
Tried to entertain.
I give it a four out of six
For reasons I’ve just explained.

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