Superman Returns

Superman Returns


Directed by Bryan Singer

Starring Brandon Routh, Kate Bosworth, Kevin Spacey

Rating: ******

Mr. Hackman, er, Spacey, er, Luthor.

Superman Returns
Superman Returns
We withheld our cheers
For nineteen years.
Vivre Superman Returns!

The Quest for Peace
Was liked the least
So the franchise slowed right down,
But 2006
Issued a fix.
You can’t keep Superman down.

Chris…Brandon Routh as Clark Kent.

The X-Men films
We’re pretty good films
For director Bryan Singer,
Sent him a fee,
For they wanted him to linger.

He could have rebooted.
He could have rebooted,
For Singer had the power,
But Saints Alive,
He made Superman V,
Because he had the power.

Kate Bosworth as Lois Lane.

He ignored the third outing
And ignored the fourth outing
And made his film a sequel
To the first Superman
And the next Superman,
So all three would be more equal.

Footage of Brando,
Yes, footage of Brando,
Was used in scenes with Jor-el.
Lex Luthor and Lois,
–A new Luthor and Lois–
Became Central characters as well.

Supes saves a plane full of people.

In a moment of truth,
Newcomer Brandon Routh
Took over the role of Clark Kent.
He flew through the air
With a curl in his hair,
Writing news to pay his rent.

After five years from Earth
He returns back to Earth.
In Space, he been looking for Kin,
But his search bore no fruit,
Though he still kept his suit,
So he became a reporter again.

Superman in his Super Suit.

The Daily Planet still runs
And Lois raises his son,
Albeit with a new and strange man.
The folks are surprised
And her doubting their eyes
When they now sight Superman.

When Supes left, Lex, he
Was Hackman, now Spacey,
And he hatches another great plan,
But with Kal-El now but now back,
And he watches his back,
Can he bring to fruition his plan?

An uncomfortable reunion.

This movie’s well-written,
Well-acted and written,
And the direction’s superb, it’s clear,
But these are new people,
All-new people,
With a different atmosphere.

Singer tried his best,
But it’s a mimicry at best,
A good one, but a mimicry still.
They rebooted the next,
And fumbled the rest.
I’ll give it a 4.5, I will.

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