The A-Team (Movie)

The A-Team (Movie)

Directed By: Joe Carnahan
Starring: Liam Neeson, Sharlto Copley

Rating: ******

An A-Team movie?
Wow! Shazam!
I can hardly wait to see it.
Liam Neeson as Hannibal?
Double wham!
I hope my theatre will screen it.

The A-Team show?
Exciting! Fresh!
The best on television.
Tanks, machine guns,
Bullet-proof mesh–
High ratings elevation.

The characters?
Unique! Most odd!
And every bit eccentric.
The new characters?
Oh my God!
They’re all Payday concentric.

The old Murdock?
Funny! Nuts!
A great audience pleaser.
The new Murdock?
Just okay.
His part’s a bit of a breezer.

The Face orig?
Subtle! Light!
A likeable con artist.
His replacement?
Boring! Meh!
A model, not an artist.

And Mr. T?
An island! Strong!
The great draw of the series.
The new B.A.?
Sensitive. Weak.
Anger without the fury.

And Hannibal Smith?
Smiling! Wise!
As played by George Peppard.
By Liam Neeson?
Humdrum. Yawn.
Liam–this role is not that hard!

The old program?
Delightful! Fun!
A reason to tune in.
This newer film?
Confusing! Dumb!
Its audience will not win.

My rating?
Low! Extremely small!
Just a one over six.
My advice?
The Devil Doll!
It’s far better than this.

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